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Friday, August 7, 2009

Looking for upcoming grow, massive $$$

It’s seem like I am working this weekend. The value of my stock portfolio is up to 33$. And there’s definitely place for more growing. If the TSX keep gaining points, my portfolio will definitely gain in value. And the money I once lost with Timminco and Sprott will only be a souvenir. Not that I am expecting Sprott and Timminco to gain in value. But other stocks and units of my portfolio will.

Funny fact about Timminco (TIM): At the request of Market Surveillance, on behalf of the Toronto Stock Exchange, it’s been announced that Timminco has not been involved in any transactions that could help Timminco to gain value. Earlier his week, the price of Timminco gain 0.14 cents and had reached 1.47$ per stock. But not to forget, Timminco had received money from Quebec province – for once, Quebec province is doing something correctly!

I like Timminco and I still hold the company in my portfolio. Timminco had been hurt by the recession, just like Livingston International. As soon things get better, price will go up. That’s why I am not willing to sale. On date of today (1:36PM), Timminco (TIM) is at 1.47$.

Methanex (MX) currently worth 18.72$ per stock. When the TSX was at 15 000 points, Methanex Corporation was at 30$. The value of my initial investment made in Methanex worth 1 626.80$ back than. Currently, this investment worth 1 909.44$. I wasn’t expecting MX to go up. But when it did, I was very happy. Like anything can happen!

If, by any chance, MX goes up to the old 30$.... It will double the value of my investment.

Need other extraordinary examples?

I purchase 100 units of Bank of Nova Scotia at 44.82$ thinking the price was right. It was actually before the price fail to 27$... BNS can easily reach 50$ per stock… If it does, it will make a profit of 533.54$.

And so on. Similar grow could happen to PIF.UN, JE.UN and FTS. And regarding HE, well, I don’t know what to think anymore as the price is low!

Other than that, my Google AdSense income is up to 30.48$. HubPages is really fun to use, but writing articles require a lot of work. One of my latest articles talks about Stevens Demers, author of a financial crime of $10 million.

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