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Saturday, August 15, 2009

My 14 hours shift

I work for about 14 hours at my job today… When I learn yesterday that there was overtime available, I went nut, I told the supervisor on floor that I wanted to do from 9AM to midnight… and I did… I begin working around 9:30AM. But don’t forget that the night before, I finish my shift at midnight, went back home, wake up at 7AM, take a shower, run to the metro, hit back to work.. and work 14 hours straight in a row lol.

Overtime = more money

And check this out: there’s also overtime available for tomorrow Saturday. This is super great and this helps me to forgive about my weekend job. There was an English survey going on. Even if I was able to complete some surveys, they didn’t want me to continue working on the project, me and 6 other persons. And I was told that my English wasn’t good enough for them. But do I really care? Anyway, since overtime is available at my evening job, I am certainly going to take advantage of it.

My latest paycheck form my evening job was quite good. I received a 1 309.93$ check in my online savings accounts from my evening job. It was a huge surprise, knowing that I was only expecting a little check of around 720$ or 750$! My boss didn’t decide to double my salary overnight. It’s just I should have receive a little augmentation back on November 2008, but I never receive it. I have received the money I should have earned since that time.

Google AdSense news

My Google AdSense income is up to a fantastic new 32.54$... this is great! Even gaining just a few pennies make me happy. But this is the deal: If I am able to earn just a few pennies from Google AdSense, I am certainly able to make thousands of dollars out of Google AdSense right? Don’t you think so?

My HubPages Adventure

I didn’t publish any HubPages articles for a little while. I had been conducting research and stuff. I really like to see my Google AdSense rise and I think it’s going to be the case with all the work I invested in it so far. Because writing original articles require definitely a whole bunch of creativity. It’s also requiring a lot of my time. I just publish my third and latest article on HubPages: Consolidate debts: use credit card balance transfert for your own benefit. This is the article you need to read if you want to learn more about debt management.

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