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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today might be the day

Even if the TSX losses just a couple of points in this morning summer morning, my portfolio gain 69.07$. And this is it, I think today is the day where I am going to reach my first 50 000$ because I am expecting a pay today at midnight! It should be around 250$ I believe. And if I am lucky enough, I will receive today my Just Energy Income Fund dividend. And I will hit the magic 50 000$ in assets TODAY.

It have to be today. The exhausting part comes from the fact that I will have to calculate all over again my assets, just like I did yesterday. And because of that, I didn’t find any energy to work on my HubPages articles. I was very exhausting. But don’t forget that when I come back from work, it’s already pass midnight. Crazy time, but I like my night shift. Yesterday was very a hot day; I cannot just support the heat. Before I went to wok, I went pay my bills and when I hit to work, I was sweating. Horrible summer heat. The New Brunswick girl that I am just cannot stand the heat.

On August 7th, there’s an upcoming movie call Julie & Julia coming in theatre with Meryl Streep. It’s going to be a good movie! I saw the preview and I find it very sweet. I hope it will be release this Saturday in Montreal. I also visit Julie blog. It’s really fantastic because in the movie, we see her writing in her blog and to see that it’s like wow! Really fantastic. And guess what, there are absolutely no Google AdSense ads in her blog. NONE lol….

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