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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dividend, jobs and HubPages

I don’t know what’s going on; I didn’t receive my Just Energy Income Fund dividend yet. It’s really getting on my nerves and it’s quite stressful not to see it coming. Anyway, if I didn’t receive my Just Energy Income Fund dividend by next Monday, I am going to all TD Waterhouse and ask this simple question: where are my Just Energy Income Fund dividends? lol

I felt a bit better today after asking if I could follow my regular schedule at my evening job. I was told I could do my regular schedule anyway. This week, some hours were cut of my schedule and it make me feel bad, as I am not working this upcoming Saturday at my weekend job – and no one actually told me so. But it’s true they are facing a lack of work and maybe they are trying to give the maximum of hours to their full-time staff. I really don’t know what to think about it. Everything was going fine until this weekend. I got good nerves and can take a lot of stuff on my back but gees... after being working at my weekend job for more than 2 years now; I taught someone was going to show off just a bit more respect. But I shouldn’t ask to much coming from Quebeckers, shouldn’t I?

Anyway, I am not too sad because at least, I am working, I don’t have problem to pay my bills and ho, another thing, last week, I reach my first 50 000$ worth in assets. I was quite surprised when it happens, on August 5th. I wasn’t expecting it for this summer at all. It was a real surprise. And I was even able to go a bit further with the 50 073.91$ I was able to reach.

At least, I was able to reach one my goal. My other goal was to reach 2 000$ value in dividend income by the end of the summer. I probably won’t be able to reach this goal unless the companies I invested in decide to increase their dividend. Another goal of mine is to make 200$ per month from Google AdSense lol. At least, this summer, I reach at least one of my goals.

I am doing kind of ok on HubPages. My Google AdSense is up to 30.72$, up to 24 cents… But HubPages definitely worth it. With my 2 jobs, I don’t have too much time to spend on HubPages and writing just one article take me just forever. But I am working very hard at it. The most difficult part comes from the fact that the earnings are quite low for so much work. But still, without it, I wouldn’t probably see my AdSense rise of about 4.72$. The best way is to remain positive. I mostly see HubPages as a potential money maker. Part of the difficulty come from my English skills, maybe a bit too low to write good contents, but that never stops me from writing on HubPages, but it did stop me on Associates Content. Like I can fight as long as I want but… you know, come a time a girl cannot go through it lol.

So I wasn’t able to get published on Associated Content. HubPages work great for me. My everyday life slows me down on HubPages. It’s difficult to work, have a life and trying to make money online. And sometimes, I just don’t feel like writing nothing at all, but it never last for long. Trying to make money online is among most of the difficult thing I ever went through of my life, but we’ll see if I can go through this.

Right now, I taught that maybe instead of spending so much of my time working for nothing, I should begin my search for a day-time job. I might move forward since my weekend job so difficult. I really need money.

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