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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am now 29 and I have 51 681.79$ in assets

Living on a very tight budget

My paycheck of this week almost reaches the 900$. I have currently a total of 939$ in my banking account, which is enough to pay my rent (535$) and my student loan (155$). And I have left 249$ to make the minimum deposit on my credit card. I might have 150$ to pay on my credit line (the minimum payment never appear in my online banking account at TD).

As for my td visa card, the minimum payment should be of around 25$. I have 74$ left to pay my RBC Visa at the rbc royal bank, which I use all the time to pay my groceries and other… This is what I call living on a tight budget, but good news, I am able to pay everything! And on the next pay, I will be able to clear off my RBC Visa… Let’s say that ater those payments are going to be made, I won’t have too much available in my online savings accounts.

I am now at 51 681.79$

Since today is my birthday, I calculate my overall online investment for my 29 birthday. I am now at 51 681.79$! I am now looking forward to reach 75 000$ value in assets (this is our next goal). And I am only missing 23 318.21$! My financial planning for retirement is doing quite well.

About Ted Kennedy death

On August 26, Ted Kennedy died. I wasn’t particularly effect by the news, but I guess I am just pretty ignorant on everything he might do for Americans. I never too much like the Kennedy family for plenty reasons, I don’t even feel close to them. But if you talk to me about Obama, well, it’s another story. I go crazy in love for Obama. And since we talk about Barack Obama, since Obama had been elected as President of the USA, I had been able to reach 50 000$ in investment and 2 000$ in dividend. My 2 goals had been reached under Obama leadership. I am telling you, I am forever in love. But anyway, Obama is not even an American lol.

What shock me the most however regarding Ted Kennedy dead were the comments made by Brian Mulroney. I don’t like Brian Mulroney and I think he should retire for the public scene. I don’t like him because he didn’t pay any taxes on a 200 000$-300 000$ he had received from his German friend and I don’t like Mulroney because he made Canadians dependant of Americans. Our country should stand by our own. Not that I don’t like Americans, but as Canadians, we should rely on our own resources to develop our country. What Brian Mulroney did in the 90’ was an atrocity. Decades after, Canadians still suffer from Brian Mulroney lack of leadership. We shouldn’t have to rely on the US for our own economy. I dislike everything that Brian Mulroney did in his life. Just another Quebec bastard. And don’t think that it’s because I live in Montreal that I am a Quebecker because I am not a Quebecker. And I will never be one of them.

Do I have any American investment in my portfolio? Unfortunately yes, but just one, an RBC mutual fund that I had no choice to pick. It was back in the days where I barely knew what I was doing and was investing thought financial advisor. But those days are gone forever. American stock market is huge and it’s the perfect market for penny stocks trading because a lot of trading is being made on any kind of stocks. Here in Canada, from my young but lovely experience, dividend cut or suspension haven’t been that bad compare to the US. But still, Canada is the place for investor and Canada is the perfect market to make a living from dividend income. Also because of taxes and the dollars exchange, and also because I don’t have that much money, I prefer to stick with the Canadian stock market for now.

And with my upcoming Scotia iTRADE account, I am going to get a cheap online stock trading.

Jean Charest and financial fraud

It make me laugh when Jean Charest (prime minister of Quebec province) said he wants a more severe legislation for financial criminal like Vincent Lacroix and Bertram Earl Jones because for the case, he never accepted that an investigation to be open regarding the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec scandal that involve, among other, its ex-director, Henri-Paul Rousseau. Jean Charest is definitely just another Quebec bastard and I am turning 29 on today, August 27.


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