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Friday, August 21, 2009

You should had invested in Yellow Pages Income Fund yesterday

You should have invested in Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN) like me yesterday because YLO.UN is currently at 5.12$. Yesterday, I had purchased 300 units of Yellow Pages Income Fund at 4.94$. Today, Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN) is up of 0.18 cents… Nice profit of 54$!

This is awesome. Actually, I prepared myself for exactly the opposite yesterday, telling myself I was purchasing Yellow Pages Income Fund units in order to reach my 2 000$ dividend income goal. Currently, my overall investment with Yellow Pages Income Fund is of 2 074.95$. Before my purchase of yesterday, I had 101 units of Yellow Pages Income Fund. I now own a total of 401 units of Yellow Pages Income Fund. Currently, my 401 units of Yellow Pages Income Fund worth 2 053.12$, which is not so bad.

I wake up late again this morning; I really got drain up by the hot weather and my job. I finish early yesterday, at 10PM. I did some laundry (at least I am having clean clothes to wear today :)), connect to the Internet, but I didn’t write any HubPages or anything. I was just in front of my computer, feeling miserable. Some of my hours had been cut and I had been told that if we were doing overtime, it wasn’t paid, but I gave my name last Friday to do overtime, so that day should be pay, at least.

Usually, I start my shift at 4PM, but today it’s t 5PM. I was told to begin at 5PM today. My supervisor wasn’t there yesterday, so I couldn’t talk to him. I would like to work Saturday for extra hours. There are always so many calls during the weekend. I hope overtime is going to be available. And I will take Saturday off. For next week, I am in need of a good 1 000$ paycheck, if not, I will manage. My latest investment with Yellow Pages Income Fund really took all that I have. I am confident I should received at least 800$ on my next paycheck. But we’ll see. I also give a call to my weekend job saying that I was available. I guess nothing is available

For the end of this week until the beginning of September, I will try to control my expenses. I guess I have enough in food and other to stand until that time.

I am getting to start a job searching this weekend. I saw a couple of job offers I want to applied to. This is the best solution and the only solution available at this time. I was going to be job searching sooner or later. My weekend job is not that stable and I have a feeling work might not be available like promise in September. And I really dislike that place now. I had been kicked out of their survey project without any notice, giving me no way to set myself up and organize. I am feeling better just to know that I might not need to work for them ever again.

It’s going to be a busy weekend.

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