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Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Just Energy Income Fund dividend

I received my Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) dividend on today. I had received 20.87$ and I earn one extra unit of JE.UN. I now own 203 units of Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN). I just find out that Sprott Inc. (SII) is paying a dividend on August 28. I am going to received 12.50$. It’s going to make a nice little extra as payment for my TD credit line. Otherwise, I €am doing a crazy shift tomorrow as overtime is available, but just for tomorrow… I am doing from 9am to midnight. It’s going to be crazy. But bad news, I am out of work at my weekend job for approximately 1 month. In the meantime, I am certainly going to look for a new job.. And guess what, my Google AdSense income is up to 30.77$... Mix of good and bad news today. Going to bed... This weekend is going to be great. HubPages articles and blogging and maybe Julie & Julia movie.

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