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Thursday, September 3, 2009

And what about my Scotia iTRADE account?

I still have my Scotia iTRADE account to open. I had been quite lazy lately and nothing that I had to do is getting done. I hope Scotia iTRADE staff is better in customer care because when it’s regarding TD Waterhouse, TD Waterhouse customer service is sometimes disgusting. Like just like last night, I call TD Waterhouse to get some info and I got rude by a poor guy. But this is going to end soon. When I call a customer service, I want to be treat like a princess lol. I am not going to accept being treat like this by a poor guy and I will complaint about it and I want the cost of my transfer from TD Waterhouse to Scotia iTRADE to be cover by TD Waterhouse. Otherwise, something will happen.

Here’s the situation regarding my TD Waterhouse broker account:

I had the following link under my “Activity”:


And nothing else. That above link shows up on date of August 31. Usually, I got something pay in cash and one unit ad following the activity of a Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) DRIP. Knowing that I am waiting for an amount of around 20$ for my DRIP of August, I should had received around 8$ in cash and 1 brand new unit. Why did I receive 10 cents in cash from Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN)? It shouldn’t be 10 cents, it should be around 8$. The answer provided by the poor guy – he was way too rude – is that the DRIP was not completed and that I should know that. What!???

That representative of TD Waterhouse was way too stupid. Why did I receive a 10 cents in cash from Just Energy Income Fund? The whole thing is not making any sense. Because all the time, when I receive cash from a DRIP, I receive the little amount of cash AND the unit. And the whole amount in cash in ONE shoots. Like am I going to received the equivalent of 8$ by 10 cents or what??

I am definitely going to complaint about the representative and by these 10 cents because both are scandalous: I don’t want to spend anytime dealing with stupid DRIP situation that are making no sense and I don’t want to be rude by a poor guy know thing he know-it-all. I am the one who know-it-all, I am the genius here, I am the one who reach 50 000$ in investment on August 5th, I am the one. Got it?


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