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Friday, September 4, 2009

Consolidating credit card debt

The transfer from RBC Visa to td visa card had been completed. I soon as I notice it, I call RBC Visa this late afternoon to get the transfer from td visa card to RBC Visa completed, so I can benefit of the 3.99% low rate credit card rate until the end of October. The representative of RBC Visa was just a pain in the ass and didn’t want to proceed to the operation. She finally completes it, once I told her kind of to shut it out and proceed with the transfer. I believe she did it, but I am going to call RBC Visa to check over it and also to complain about the poor customer service I had received form that representative.

Those staff in the banking sector can really be fresh and arrogant. I get to the hell of the time with stupid reps so far. But I always get what I want. The only time I didn’t get what I wanted, is when I wanted to turn a non-RRSP mutual funds into RRSP. That had been refused to me at the Caisse populaire Desjardins du Mont-Royal. Those people are really disgusting! I really have enough of them. By the way, I never used the account I had open at the Caisse populaire Desjardins du Mont-Royal for the simple and good reason that I don’t trust their administration after all what they did to me.

Anyway, I also call ING Direct today to find out how I could transfer the 300$ I wanted to transfer without getting any fees. Back in 2005, I got interested in ING Direct because they offer high interest bank account. It seem like the transfer from ING Direct to my banking account at Caisse Desjardins can be done at no fee. It’s looking good for my personal debt consolidation. I call both parties, Caisse Desjardins and ING Direct and there’s seemed to be no fee for money transfer, since it’s only a one time transfer. I only have this ING Direct transfer to take care of, after what; I will be done for a little while. I didn’t receive the payment for the sell of Desjardins Fidelity True North Fund one of fidelity mutual funds, but was told it could take 72 hours. Which mean that sometime next week, I should have the money available.

I can do up to 12 transactions now with Desjardins for 3.95$. I will try not to do more than 12 transactions, but I can stick to the 12 if I remain careful. That’s part of the reason why I have to control myself until my next pay check. At that time, I will be able to pay let say 800$ from upcoming pay check + 300$ coming from ING Direct + about 1 030$ coming from the selling of the super-fantastic Desjardins Fidelity True North Fund; for a total of 2 130$ that I will make IN A ONE PAYMENT ONLY lol on my credit card debts. This is just hilarious because I remember in the days, when I was working at 3 jobs, as soon as I was receiving a paycheck; the money was disappearing as payment on my credit line…

The money never stays for very long in my internet savings accounts. Making a one time payment on something is kind of exceptional for me. It will be the only payment for September. After what, I will have 459.38$ left to pay in October. I can certainly make it happen, but just like it had been in August, I am going to deal with one of those very tight budgets for September AND October… My latest investment, which was 300 units of Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN) really took it all! But I don’t regret this investment for anything in the world as it’s allow me to reach my dividend income goal, which was to reach 2 000$ in annual dividend income by the end of the summer 2009.

Living on a tight budget? No problemo

I will show you how. First, make sure you always have enough to pay your rent because you don’t want to be quick out of your apartment and living in the street… Secondly, make sure to have enough money to make the minimum payment on credit cards, student loans and other. After, and only after, you can think about investing or paying out debt. The month of August had been tough, the month of September doesn’t look any better, and not to talk, after, the month of October. But life still great. Consolidate credit card debt require a great deal of time and energy.

Overtime for me today!

After spending a great deal of time over the phone trying to make things happen, I went to my job to see if I could do some extra hours. I was able to make 4 hours, which I was pretty happy about. I was exceptionally off today as I did a shift trade with someone who needs its Saturday. Usually, I work from Monday to Friday.

I gave a call to my weekend job to see if there was worked, but still nothing. There’s no work at my weekend job until the end of September. I had been quite busy lately and having off during the weekend until the end of September doesn’t bother me too much. I didn’t even open my Scotia iTRADE account yet. So much stuff to do, it never ends.

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