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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fantastic gain in my investment portfolio (1:20PM)

No overtime today as I felt super exhausted. But this night, I am going to bed as soon as I arrive and watch out, tomorrow, I am going to do from 9AM to midnight. It’s going to be crazyyyyy. And right now, as I just wake up and log in into my online broker account…… tadammmmmmmmm…….. My stocks and units investment portfolio is up to 27 177.52$! Hope it will finish the day that way. It’s even better than yesterday! Compare to yesterday, where I was at 26 907.77$, I gain 269.75$! I don’t even make that much in a day, even with overtime at my job!

If we compare to September 20, where our stocks and units investment portfolio was at 26 195$, we gain, in date of today, a fantastic 982.52! That’s the power of the stock market! Right now, it could happen that my net value is around 54 000$. For the end of September, I am waiting for my Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) and Methanex Corporation (MX). Nice little gain there among the way.

Derek Foster
strategy IS really working. And his strategy is going to make me become a really rich girl $$$ lol. And I cannot imagine how it will be when the market will reach it will 15 000 points. It’s going to be fantastic. In the meantime, I want to invest more in my portfolio! That’s the plan. But for now, I have to do overtime… I just have to go to bed earlier. Which is completely out of sense.

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