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Friday, September 25, 2009

Overtime, paycheck and debts

I didn’t receive any calls from my weekend job today. Does it mean there is no work or there’s no work for me or… even worst… did they forget about me? I won’t ever know because I didn’t call to verify if there was work. Since I currently have overtime for this weekend at my evening job, I don’t care too much for the rest for now. I check my credit card balances yesterday and my expenses were not as bad as I taught. I will be able to pay it all by the time of my next paycheck. Seem like my next 100 units of Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN) investment will unfortunately have to wait for an extra month or 2. I really want to reach 200$ per month in dividend money as soon as possible. I can do it, the challenge is quite… challenging.

But after October 9th, once my credit cards bad debt will be all paid off, I will feel a lot much better and starting from there, all the money made will be to reach my goal. At this point, I feel important to save some money aside, outside my investment. At this point, all my money is invested and in case of need, I wouldn’t like to sell my investments. A 2 000$, or even just a 1 000$ aside in case of emergencies could be beneficial.

Doing a bunch of extra hours in a short period of time is always exhausting and it’s currently what I am doing. This remember last year when I was working during daytime at my 2 jobs from 9 am to 1:30pm and than from 3pm to midnight. Seem like the day never come to an end when I work from 9 to midnight. Since I am now working this weekend, I plan to do 12 hours on Saturday and Sunday… Very terrible week. I am looking forward for a 1 100$ paycheck for the next one, as I really need it. After that, I will probably begin my search for something daytime, as second job. And than after that I hope my weekend job will begin again.

Building a stocks and units portfolio for dividend income is certainly one of the most difficult thing. It take serious amount of money to be able to invest. For my next investment, 100 units of Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN), I will probably need a minimum of 1 580$. It’s represent a lot of money. Does the little 156$ in return – in dividend income worth it? YES.

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