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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My investment portfolio is now at 53 167.02$

When I saw the value of PGF.UN jumping to more than 7 000$, I knew my investment value was going up and I couldn’t wait to see how much was now my value. My investment portfolio currently worth 53 167.02$. Compare to September 20, by portfolio is up of 736.15$! Yeah! I am only missing 1 832.98$ before hitting the 55 000$. Ever in my life I taught I could reach the 50 000$ in assets! The whole my first 50 000$ concept was kind of a joke, even if I was blogging seriously about it. And what’s getting fun now is that I am pass the 50 000$, it’s now the first 55 000$ and after that, the first 60 000$ and so on..

It’s looking good for the first 55 000$, which I might be able to reach with my next investment – which could be in December if I am lucky. I want 100 units of PIF.UN. At this time, I only have my evening job and doing overtime had exhausted me at some point. Not that the job is difficult, but at a point, spending so many hours at work instead of home make me felt anxious and tired. Just debts of mine are killing me. In 2 weeks, I will be able to pay off what I want to pay.

I am just curious to see if work is available at my weekend job. If not, I won’t cry. I am very tired at this point. Like each time, overtime come at the last minute and I never have time to catch up, difficult to do so many hours in a short period of time. At this point, I might be missing about 10 hours to get the 1 100$ in paycheck (after taxes). Tomorrow, laundry day, but Friday morning, I would like to do overtime. Anyway, at this time, overtime is kind of stuck in my throat right now.

I am currently waiting for my Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) and Methanex Corporation (MX) dividend for the month of September.

And guess what, with all that, we will be in the month of October in 2 days from now.

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