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Monday, September 21, 2009

Suze Orman vs Derek Foster

It had been a very nice weekend, and it’s not quite over yet! I did over 200$ of shopping, but it was for stuff that was needed. After what, I won’t need to purchase anything else than groceries for a little while. I am trying to get all of my usual done before beginning my job search. I hope to find a daytime job soon that will fit with my current evening job. I am too thrilled about getting on the same pattern as before, but I really want to increase my investment portfolio and increase my dividend earnings by the same occasion. I hope to be able to make 3 000$ per month after taxes, and even more if possible, just like before, back in 2008.

Suze Orman vs Derek Foster

After shopping, I had some time to read books and magazines at Chapters, like I love to do. I get through the reading of some Suze Orman books. I really like reading about her money tips and her story. It’s very fascinating. But my relation to money is quite different to hers. And maybe I should change my way, but I am not willing to do that for now. Let’s me explain. For Suze Orman, it’s all about getting a career, to like our job and like what we like to do. And for her, well, from what I understand, an individual should work in a field he or she likes, in something we like, before thinking about the money first. I don’t have any problem with that part. Happiness comes before money. I don’t have any problem with that.

With Suze Orman, it’s all about starting from no where and builds something strong, like a career, getting out of debt, get a good credit score in order to get the lowest interest possible on a loan for a car or a house, etc… It’s not about building a portfolio and leave to workplace forever. It’s about getting thing organized for a better future. Nice, I don’t have anything against it. Suze Orman is a great thinker, a positive writer and I am sure she help a lot of people out there, not only in the states, but also here in Canada. And also, that 401(k) that Suze Orman talks on her books well, it seems to be our Canadian RRSP lol. Her books are refreshing and I like the part where she said whenever we want to do something, like go back to school or look for a job or whatever other project we have in mind we have to do it right now because later, it will always be more difficult. I am saying things in my own world of course here, but that’s what comes from my understanding. Very refreshing reading as you can see. And I am more than ever ready to take some actions.

Anyway, I wanted to take the summer off, I take it off in some way and now, well, I am back where I was a year a go, job searching for a daytime job.

I went through a quick reading but gees, there’s nothing in Suze Orman books about building a portfolio and stop working forever. Because guess what, that’s Derek Foster books! Suze Orman is more like a financial advisor and Derek Foster is the stock guru for middle class. Or for even lower lol. I wanted to read stuff about getting out of the workplace, stop working and other, but with Suze Orman books, I find too much of common sense. I am a dreamer, I want to retire early and my career goal is to spend some time trying to make money online, collect my dividend income and count my investments. That’s what I want to do with my life. That’s my goal. It’s nice to have an eye on a career, but it’s better to build a portfolio as soon as possible and get out of workplace, as soon as possible too lol. That’s my personal opinion, of course.

I am slowly getting mentally ready to work, like before 70-80 hours per week... :)

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