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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yellow Pages Income Fund dividend is now in the house

Today was a nice day. I finally was able to see Julie & Julia at the movie. My review will come soon. And today, I had received my Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN) for the month of September!

I had received 26.74$ and 4 brand new units of Yellow Pages Income Fund. My portfolio is slowly increasing. I just cannot wait to receive my Pengrowth dividend for the month of September. My Pengrowth is the largest amount of dividend I receive each month and I am always excited to receive this one. Today was quite spectacular as the TSX close at more than 11 400 points. Sign that things are also « slowly » getting better. It would be too great if I could finally complete my sell of 23 000 stocks of Dumont Nickel (DNI) at 4 cents per stock… I am just hoping the TSX will continue on his way and the economy will remain relatively stable.

As a small investor, I had suffered enough from the bad stock market. I am just hoping for the best and looking for new investment opportunities.

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