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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Surprise: I had received my Fortis Dividend!

This is great! I had received 26.52$ in dividend income coming from Fortis (FTS). It’s kind of a surprise because I wasn’t expecting the Fortis (FTS) dividend so soon... I had received one brand ne stock of Fortis (FTS) worth 24.77$. And I also received 1.75$ in cash. This dividend reinvestment plans for Fortis (FTS) is fully complete. My situation regarding Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) dividend reinvestment plans remain the same. So far, my dividend investing is doing well.

Nothing had change regarding my Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) DRIP investing situation. Still that little 10 cents that came in on August 31 and nothing else after that. I didn’t even receive my new unit that I should had received. I am going to wait 2 weeks and we’ll see what happen. Everyday, when I come back to work, I log in to my broker account just to see if my Just Energy Income fund (JE.UN) DRIP investing had been completed. But today, it was a surprised, as it was Fortis (FTS) that I had received the dividend from.

Another great news, my TD online trading account portfolio is now up at 30 390.28$ (that was yesterday...). It’s originally 39 589.06$ I had invested at T D Waterhouse. I am slowly recovering from my losses. So far, I had been relatively successful with my stock market picks. I am only missing 9 198.78$ in order to fully recover from my losses. For the first time since a very long time, Sprott Canadian Equity Fund units worth 29.02$ each. This is a good sign. It’s mean that the economy is getting better.

I just hope things will continue this way. If I could recover the 3 000$ lost with this Sprott mutual fund, it could be very good. I still have faith in the Sprott. It’s just the kind of fund that in time of recession, cannot perform well. Or at least, it’s my way to see it. Maybe Sprott participation in Timminco really hurt the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund, but I cannot really say because I don’t know lol. One thing I know, I had been hurt by Timminco (TIM).

When you see a 4 065$ worth in online investing that currently only worth 252$ it’s kind of… depressing. I really dislike having those majors lost with Timminco but hey, life goes on. I am sticking and holding to Timminco because as soon as I continue holding Timminco stocks, there’s still been hope. Still hope that I will (one day) recover from those major losts. But still, look like I didn’t learn my lesson yet because I keep investing and going, working, investing, working, investing and… hope one day my luck will come… In the meantime, I still can continue to dream of my future portfolio…

Another good news: a 1 089.29$ paycheck

I work around 105 hours for a 1 089.29$ paycheck… It doesn’t worth it to spend that time at work in 2 weeks for a so little paycheck. But still, I was in need of the money. Previously today, I had pay for my driver license. I also finally call ING Direct to get the 300$ transfer in my banking account. I should receive the money by Friday. And… right now, on my online bank accounts, I have a total of 2 266.15$. Since I work on Labor Day, my next pay check should be of around 800$. And by the end of September-beginning October, I will have my weekend job again. Since I still have my TD line of credit to pay (around 150$ in minimum payment for this month is needed), I will pay tomorrow 2 100$ on my RBC Visa and 150$ on my TD line of credit. After what, I will be done with my payments. At least for the month of September. I cannot wait for October to come, to finally clear it off, since the 0 interest credit card doesn’t exist.

After what, in term of debt, I will have left 285.87$ at 4.9% good for 6 months to pay off. I should be able to clear this month by the end of October. I will have left my TD line of credit which now almost reach the 5 000$ at 8%. But I get some of the interest pay off by what I had left as DRIP from my dividend income. Getting out of debts is a long process and all of this mess can very be difficult, mentally and physically. My credit card balance transfer really drain me out.

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