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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

10 500$ RSP contribution for 2009: now done!

Ok, so this is it, I got the RSP loan! I told you, I am invincible, and you better get use to it! lol!!!! I might have one of those super awesome credit score. Your credit score = your best friend when you want to enjoy the joy of leverage… Let’s clarify all this.

I had been approved for the 10 000$ RSP loan. Now, you want to know who’s been good enough with me Sunny alias The Dividend Girl to provide me a little something for my RSP contribution. Tadammmmmmm… And it is… TD Canada Trust! The happy winner of my RSP loan lol. Thank you TD Canada Trust thank you! lol…… And my payments only begin in May by the way. And I contribute 500$ from my own pockets. So my RSP contribution for my 2009 taxes is of 10 500$. I shouldn’t have taxes to pay after this contribution. That’s for sure.

I was really going completely nuts. I will never understand why I got refused by Bank of Nova Scotia for this loan. It was really wrong coming from them. Anyhow, who care about Bank of Nova Scotia when TD Canada Trust is willing to give me whatever I ever wanted: money, money, money! So for now, my portfolio is not moving from TD. Everything remains just where it is.

I got the RSP loan. Wow. I just cannot believe it. The payments are just a bit more than 100$ per month, so I am going to be just fine. And it’s only beginning starting in May. This loan is bringing us closer to our 100 000$ assets goal. I really believe I can make it happen for 2010. I will be 30 years old, we’ll be in 2010 and I will own 100 000$. Just amazingly wow! I am going to be able to relax and calm down a bit now that everything is all set for good. And its look like I am set for good with TD Canada Trust.

And if you find that this whole 100 000$ in assets + 30 000$ in debts formula doesn’t worth a damn, well, guess what, I am going to show that you’re wrong and, as always, that I am right lol. And it was really wrong, coming from Bank of Nova Scotia to refuse my RSP loan.

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