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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let's get physical with Eric Sprott: the Sprott Physical Gold Trust

I know, the title of this post is just so hilarious! Taught that I was going to lay down in depression after getting laid off from XXX? Well, surprise, my sense of humor just got deeper, cleaner and... deeper. Before talking about XXX, let's get a bit closer to Eric Sprott... not to say it again.... let's get physical with Eric Sprott... lol!!!

Ok, so that dear Eric Sprott of mine just copy one of his very own competitors (Claymore Investments Inc. not to name them) and instead of focusing on his Sprott Canadian Equity Fund, well, the guy - let's name him again - Eric Sprott – well, Eric Sprott decide to take advantage of small people - once again - and then, the guy - Eric Sprott (again, and again and again lol...) decide to start a new thing. Just like I am moving on from XXX and starting something new, seem like Eric Sprott moving forward himself too. Eric Sprott and his team got deeper and deeper into gold, and I believe someone might had told Eric Sprott: let’s do it like Claymore Investments Inc. – just like I am trying to “do it” like Derek Foster lol. And there we go, here come a brand new financial product: Sprott Physical Gold Trust. Sprott and Physical, are just 2 words that match very well together lol.

Well, I have to say, Eric Sprott is somewhat brilliant. Gold is his thing and at 10$ per unit, I would very much to get in into his new thing, but now that I got laid off from XXX, its going to be difficult, but I like things like that, I like it when its difficult.. And my relation, physical or not, with Eric Sprott is difficult. Also. lol :)

For more info, you can read my previous post about Eric Sprott: Derek Foster vs Eric Sprott: who's the best investor?

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