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Monday, February 15, 2010

And now what?

I had an apointment today for my RSP loan. At first, the representative told me that I didn’t qualify. WHAT?

You hear it right. I do not qualify for the loan, in correctly correct banking terms and agreements. Whatever…. So yeah, the representative gave me the exact same reasons that Teeth post on his comments (see previous post and comments). But it didn’t stop there, I explain everything to the representative, my assets, my situation etc. Since I cannot be approve right away, I guess he will forward the request to someone else and I should received news by Wednesday. This had been quite exhausting for me. The main problem I face is that I hold too much credit. I hold several credit cards, several credit lines, several bank acounts lol. And my salary right now could appear low, but with my current situation + my monthly dividend income, I making around 2 000$ after taxes per month. Actually, at this point, I hold too much credit (use and unused) for the salary that I have. That’s a major problem. But I do not hold a balance on most of my credit cards. That’s what I explain to the representative and also I explain that I have more than 3 000$ in annual dividend income. And also that I never had problem to pay anything and that I was looking forward to transfer my portfolio over to the bank and so on. Which is true. And I also show him that I am a stockholder of the bank.

So now what? I am waiting. And the wait is too long. I just want to get through this and move forward with my projects. I want to see what’s going to happen next. If it work, I am going to transfer my portfolios over and everything. I also told the representative about my 100 000$ goal in assets and that they were going to make money with me (the bank) since I trade on a regular basis. Having 100 000$ in assets is quite something, even when holding a future 30 000$ in debts. Getting this RSP loan is more about if the bank will support my investment efforts or not. If I get the loan, it will a great deal of good publicity for the bank and their trading services. I deserve more than anything this RSP loan. After all, I am an investor, and I own more than 65 000$ in my very own money lol and around 20 000$ in debts at this time. I hold debts yes, and I exposed that to the representative, but I am good when it come to manage my money. If it all work out the way I want, I will be trading at 9.99$ and I will become fantasticly rich. I couldn’t hide my debt situation in something sexy like my bra lol – those guys can really see everything through their credit check.

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