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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

RSP 2009 contribution: the nightmare continue

I am just sooooooo tired right now. It didn’t work out at the Scotia Bank for my RSP loan. I was pretty disappointed because I had been waiting more than 1 week for it. I never been a customer at Bank of Scotia and I guess I will just never become one. I hold to many debts for the salary I own and my 44 000$ in stock couldn’t be taking as loan guarantee because they are stocks. If they would be GIC or other boring stuff like that or simply cash would had worked out. Bank of Nova Scotia doesn’t want my business? Who care! lol… I haven’t impress Bank of Scotia with my assets and my plan to transfer my assets to iTrade. But it doesn’t mean that the RSP loan project is ending here. Because as you know, here at My First 50 000$, we like to beat the steel when its hot. Doesn’t we? lol….

And guess what, as soon as I got the no as answer, I turn to another bank, explaining the situation. I was pretty lucky because a financial representative was available to take me between 2 appointments… I was very happy. I won’t reveal the name of the bank that impresses me that much until the deal is close and running. 10 500$ in RSP in quite some money. In case it doesn’t work out, I have a plan B, but I have to do quick… time is running so pass and dealing with those financial things that I am not that use too is quite exhausting. On top of that, I work today until 8:30pm… I just can’t wait for tomorrow. I need something to be done about all this.

Today, I learn something interesting by dealing with different banks: if a loan request had been refused at one specific bank, it doesn’t mean that another bank won’t approve you. Why? Because each banks seem to have their own rule. If you plan to proceed with a loan request at a bank where you do not hold already any credit, you need to have if not a great deal of cash, not too many debts around.

I am going to bed for now, I am completely burned out.

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