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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What’s going on? Steve Martin is about to leave Creststreet Asset Management Ltd.

Fellow readers know my admiration for Steve Martin and the extraordinary Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund. What Robert Toole had done to Steve Martin in order to make him leave his firm? It’s seem to be a mystery. This sound so like when Jean-François Tardif left the firm of a guy name Eric Sprott… Might be some s*** going on, that for sure. And now, time for investors to show their support and sell Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund. Why? Because I am pretty sure that Robert Toole or someone from Creststreet Asset Management Ltd. might had done something to Steve Martin.

Steve Martin was managing the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund for quite some time and his profile wasn’t from the Creststreet Asset Management Ltd Web site. A few months ago only, Steve Martin profile had been add to Creststreet Asset Management Ltd Web site. I notice that and of course, I write down the ino right here on my very own blog. So now, let’s all support Steve Martin and sell the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund because Steve Martin was the “guy” behind Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund success. I just hope Steve Martin won’t go work for Sprott Asset Management. That would be very horrible... Jean-François Tardif and Steve Martin should get together and open their own investment firm. That's a real good idea!

Seem like I am not the only one who got laid off recently! Coincidence? No! It's destiny! lol.

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