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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bank of Nova Scotia services are poor

I am still waiting for my RSP loan. At this point, I am just willing to move forward and continue with TD because Bank of Nova Scotia are not good to deal with. The branch of Bank of Nova Scotia opening hours are horrible. It’s really difficult to take an appointment with somebody. Basicly, people at the branch are never available. And they seem extremely lazy. So try to have something done in those conditions! I first set up an apointment on Monday, I bring my papers and so on. A few days past. Than Wednesday, I had been told by a customer service representative over the phone that the lon request was ok… But since that time, nothing move. And when I called to have news of my loan today, I was told that I had to deal with the branch…. I also speak to a manager of the branch. We set up an apointment, but it will only be good for next week… Do you really think, dumb people of Bank of Nova Scotia that I am going to wait? Again! No way. iTrade can say good-bye to my awesome investment portfolio. I don’t want of iTrade anymore because I don’t like Bank of Nova Scotia way of doing business. Like for the manager, she's off today. This is the RSP season and you are taking off? Such a big bunch of idiots out there. Try to avoid the Bank of Nova Scotia of McGill College in Montreal. Their service is really poor.

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