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Saturday, February 27, 2010

80 484.77$ in assets doesn't change anything, but...

I just update the value of my overall investment portfolio! We are finishing the month of February 2010 with 80 484.77$ in assets! This amount contain, of course, the 10 000$ we obtain from TD Canada Trust for our RSP loan and our own 500$ contribution to our 2009 RSP. This update also contains our latest investment: 200 stocks of Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH).

My laid off of BMO Bank of Montreal didn’t slow me down on any of my projects. Actually, as an investor, I never had been so great, so self-consciencousness of my own skills, so close to discover my center. Thinking about it lol, investment is all about “picking” the right investment. Just that! It is that simple!

Because being in investor, even a small one, is about that: it’s about exercing power over external elements. Jealousy lay off and so on are just material proofs of what I am truly am. Like guys, come on BMO Bank of Montreal, don’t try to destroy someone who’s more self-consciencousness than you will ever be. I am pretty good at playing games and I am a winner all the way. As for the losers (BMO Bank of Montreal) hope they are ready because I am going to hit higher. Seem like BMO Bank of Montreal will have to learn with its regret. My revenge will be extraordinary. It will never end.

I plan to continue to invest in the next upcoming months. But right now, I have to think about how am I going to invest that precious 10 500$ in RSP money I now have. I was thinking about Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN). I had been thinking about EFT and so on. But I have to say, investing in dividend stock payers for my RSP instead of EFT is quite interesting. So at this time, I am still thinking.

Ok, so Jean-François Tardif top pick for 2009 was Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH). And what about our very own 2010 top stock five stars pick? If I would have to choose only one stock to invest in, I will choose Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN). Investing in Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) had been, so far, one of my best realizations. WOW WOW WOW. Just Energy is that fantastic. I LOVE JUST ENERGY INCOME FUND. Pureeeeee energy = pureeeee love. The dividend is hot + Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) had paid recently special dividend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,

You now have a debt to assets ratio of around 39% (31358/80484). What would you say is a good ratio for the type of assets you own? Do you see any risks involved in going higher than the ratio you currently have?


Sunny said...


I won't go higher in debts. The ratio I currently have is a bit high, but or this year, I guess I will be fine since my dividend earnings largely cover the cost of the interest rate on the loan. But at this point, I won't get any more debts. With my RSP loan, I had reached my limit. I know where to stop. I should be able to control myself without too much trouble :)

Anonymous said...

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