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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Great news regarding Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN)

Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN) is doing better on the TSX. I first invested 2 224.47$ in Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN) a couple of months ago. I always believe in this company as I find the dividend really good for the stock price value. Also, it’s a Montreal-based company, and I live in Montreal. So let’s say that from there, me and Yellow Pages Income Fund were set for a long-term relationship. Ever since, it’s been love, love, love.

Want to know why? As I explain, I first invested 2 224.47$ in Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN). Not that much, would you say, but all those « not that much » form my investment portfolio are part of my investment portfolio. In date of today, my investment worth 2 505.36$. This represent a nice increase of 280.89$ right there. Kind of nice. Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN) units value is currently at 5.84$, and I am confident that the company will soon reach the 6$ per unit.

Ok, so for now, Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN) is a .UN investment like I like to call them. But you don’t have to worry about the Yellow Pages Income Fund situation according to Gordon Pape. I regularly read Gordon Pape articles through my TD Waterhouse online broker account. So according to Gordon Pape, Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN) distribution will remain the same. Isn’t fantastic? What small investors worry about are distributions and with Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN), there’s really nothing to worry about. There’s again, it’s according to Gordon Pape. And The Dividend Girl lol.


Unknown said...

Dear Dividend Girl. I had about 30,000 of Yellow Pages that dropped to around 15,000 with the big crash and have never come back. I sold out all but 500 shares on the basis that Yellow is eventally going to be overcome by online services, like their 'partner' Google. Believe me, it is a good short term Div stock but long term - you will have to convince me.

Good luck, D

Sunny said...

But you invested way too much in Yellow Pages! I really like YLO.UN and I find the company is doing extraordinary well in a difficult sector. But see I made a profit from this acquisition, the company is paying me dividend so I have to say, I am very proud of my Yellow Pages Income Fund! Way to go Yellow! You need to invest like me, little sum of money all around the place. Tht way, you diversify your portfolio and explore the market a bit more. Diversification is the key. Even if YLO.UN is really great, you have invested way too much in the company. All I have to say. But its also a question of timing. If you would have invested the same amount of money just a couple of weeks ago, things would had be different, you would had make a profit from your investment in Yellow - just like me. But no one can really time the market - so the best way to invest for small investor and also other, why not, its to diversify. And never invest too much in the same company. That's what I do. The results are good, my dividend earning are increasing. Very enjoyable. Its a slow getting rich scheme. I am in no ruch, I like it nice and slow... lol........ My sense of humor.


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