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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yeah, I got laid off and so what?

I got laid off last week because I am a work genius. I didn’t write about it, but I have to say, I saw it coming. Now that it’s been done and completed, I am ready to move on. I am currently close to 300$ in dividend earning per month. Lay off or not, the journey continues. I have to say, I have more than one trick in my pocket as I am financially speaking pretty safe. I wanted more than one time post the name of the employer who lay off me, but I won’t. I wouldn’t like to face criminal charges and I have to say, I have more important things to do in life than just ding some smart talking around some loooooosers who don’t even deserve me. I am one of the smartest – and weirdest lol – small investor that is out there. I am not the youngest retiree (that’s Derek Foster title lol) but I am the smartest small investor. That’s it! But one day, I am going to make it and than, I will write a book and I am going to let the world know from which bank I got laid off.

See, I am smart enough to have kept my old job while working at the bank because I kind of had a feeling that it wasn’t going to work for the long run as I find their way – at the bank – extremely arrogant and careless. But what is definitively in for the long run is me as an investor. Or me as a dividend girl lol. I have a lot of projects on the way! My life didn’t stop when I got laid off; it’s completely opposite that happen. Laid off or not, I continue to beat the steel…… when its hot, of course.

My work shift is currently kind of difficult to manage around. I might ask for a shift change, but I am just a bit afraid to ask since its going to be my third time asking for a shift change in the last couple of months. So I do not know what to do right now, if it not just working my hours. Anyhow, I also have a weekend job where its going ok there too. So I am not in need of money and I can manage myself quite well. I had been even quite lazy lately as I slept in until 10am or so… and I begin to work at lunch time. That’s how its been going on.

Major projects on the way: changing of broker

With the current investment portfolio that I own, I can trade for as low as 9.99$ with iTrade, no matter how many units are being trade. At 29$ per trade, TD Waterhouse is not cheap. Major benefit from TD Waterhouse: their platform is really awesome. I am a real beginner, but still, I had been able to purchase stocks very easily with TD Waterhouse. Despite some problems, I got a good service. But now, time to move on and invest at a cheaper price.

My way of investing is very strange. I do not have a particular method. My one and only rule: diversification. In this current case, diversification means that I invest very small amount of money in different companies who are, most of the time, dividend payers. My latest investments had been made in dividend payers companies. Why should I pay 29$ per transaction when I can pay 9.99$? I can save money just by changing of broker. So why not? T D Waterhouse charge an annual fee for RRSP investment. But iTrade do not change anything. I absolutely need to invest 10 000$ for my RRSP of 2009. If not….. slashhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hello taxes! Provincial taxes are a real headache here in Quebec. I wanted to invest in the iShare for a very long time now! Seem like its going to be in 2010. I also want to borrow money to invest in my RRSP. Usually, those type of loan remain free for the first 3 months (no payment require for 3 months). Also, the interest rate is generally low too. But I guess that in 3 months from now, I would have figure a plan to pay off the loan completely. I am still under the process for a RRSP loan. Life is not easy.

Also, I currently have more than 2 000$ coming out from no where that I want to invest it. I have an eye on Jean-François Tardif top pick of – I think it was of 2009 – Premium Brands Holdings Corporation. At this time, Premium Brands Holdings Corporation represent the perfect investment. The price per stock is under 14$. This investment is quite affordable (just the way I like them!). Very awesome fact: Premium Brands Holdings Corporation annual dividend is currently of 1.176$. Just a couple of months ago, Premium Brands Holdings Corporation was a .UN investment. Premium Brands Holdings Corporation was known under Premium Brands Income Fund. The company had change into a corporation and they still pay a pretty good dividend. This means that there is still hope. There’s hope that my other .UN investments transform themselves into a corporation. If I am lucky enough, once the transformation will be completed, those companies will continue to pay a high quality dividend.

I just cannot wait to purchase 200 stocks of Premium Brands Holdings Corporation! The investment will bring my annual dividend income to an extraordinary 3 390.03$ (282.50$ per month). I am very close to the 300$ per month!!! I really begin to believe that I am going to be able to make it, no matter what! :)

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