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Sunday, February 7, 2010

I am now under 66 000$ and Jack Layton is suffering from prostate cancer

I wanted to update my investment portfolio as many change had been done recently. I lost a bit of value, but not that much, since I am under the 65 000$. I am currently at exactly 65 285.94$. Once the TSX will gain points again, my investment portfolio could gain 1 000$ right away, or even more. And I wish for more.

Oh no, Jack Layton is suffering from prostate cancer

I had quite a shock to learn that Jack Layton had prostate cancer. Jack Layton is one of the greatest leaders we have right now in Ottawa. I just very like Jack Layton – as much as I like Derek Foster lol. But that’s true, at least.

I have many things I would like to write about. But I am quite exhausted right now. I work today, but yesterday, I had that nice idea: to clean my messy cutty one and half apartment. I went through 5 hours of cleaning, clothes washing and dishes lol. But now, at least everything is clean and I hope it remain that way for a little while.

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