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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Methanex Corporation (MX) cool dividend

I had received 16.90$ from Methanex (MX) today. I didn’t earn an extra stock, because Methanex Corporation (MX) value is currently at more than 18$. For a little while, Methanex was at 20$, the price went down to something to 18$ on today, don’t ask me why.

Same stupid thing than last month is happening again with Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN). I had received 10 cents in my account balance in cash, but no unit yet. I really hate that. Couldn’t they just applied the money and the units at the same time? Of course not, it would have been just too bright from them (Just Energy Income Fund or my broker that I really like – TD Waterhouse lol….). Anyway, I know how things are going now since it’s now the second time it’s happening to me. I have to wait 2 weeks or so for the units to be applied in my super-super investment portfolio. Way to go!

I don’t really have bad stuff to say about TD Waterhouse. Just that sometimes, there rep are rude (but each time its happening I write it right here on my very own blog). I find them expensive, at 29$ per transactions. Otherwise, the service is pretty reliable. Or should I say very reliable. So far, I didn’t hit any problem with TD Waterhouse, I always received my dividend payments and no fraudulent transactions had been made in my broker account. No stocks or units had disappeared so far from my TD Waterhouse broker account :) And what I like: there’s no fee to purchase mutual funds, service had been reliable. What I dislike: there’s a fee for RRSP account.

Yesterday, the value of my investment portfolio (stocks and units) was of 27 020$. And today, the value is at 27 164$. Nice gain. Hopefully, I will be able to reach 55 000$ without too much trouble.

Tomorrow, I am doing 6 hours of overtime. I had the authorization since I ask. I am very happy. This mean I will have at least 1 000$ on my next paycheck and I will be able to pay all of my credit card debts. Clear the mess up. I really taught today was today and I was happy to learn I was going to have one more day in my week… Very weird, but I went all messy because I worked all weekend long. I wonder if there will be work at my weekend job. As you can see, it’s all for now about work work work.

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