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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Canada Revenue Agency is after me - Part 2

Today was my day off, as a colleague of mine desperately need its Saturday off. Since I am not currently working at my weekend job, I decided to give a hand. So today, I had time to write everything I felt about Canada Revenue Agency. I have to say, despite my very hard feeling, our agency is doing one of those good job... let me explain.

2009 had been a very good year financially speaking. I had made over 40k in salary, I had earn thousands of dollars in dividend income. Yeah 2009 was an awesome year. But it was the first year I had massively invested in stock and income trust funds, the same one that had been converted in corporation just in time for 2011. And there was from where I got problem from. From the income trust funds. TD Waterhouse is very great to use because if you registered to their eService, they won't ever send you tax papers over the mail. So this mean that you have personally have to print them.

Myself as an individual, I am always in a ruch, working at several jobs, etc etc etc. But myself as an individual, I might have forget to print one of the form, because when I visit my accountant just an hour ago, I was told that the form that Canada Revenue Agency refer to in their letter, well, that form was not from my tax declaration. Not at all.

So the mistake was all mine and I am taking the whole responsability and yes, despite the governement people having access to free French courses, yes, I will be paying that $168 and something cent I own Canada Revenue Agency.

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