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Thursday, January 27, 2011

My latest trade for today

I sell 100 stocks of BNS, for an amount of 5 674.01$. I purchase 200 stocks of SPB, 200 stocks of NFI.UN and 100 stocks of FTN.


Anonymous said...


Be careful with these recent investments. They seem to be highly leveraged which could get hurt significantly during the upcoming down draft.


Anonymous said...

My leverage comment did not apply to the mutual fund type investment.


Anonymous said...

Dear DG:
am so surprised to learn you had sold some investments
I feel a little scared
please note my earlier comment to sell (yes sell) your mutual fund crap. What do you think??? Please thread carefully whatever you may want to do in the future.
Thank you...from Anonymous to DG

Anonymous said...

Dear DG: May I put out a question to you and your readers? It's to do with cars. See, I had an accident in my 15 year old car. The insurance co. won't fix it, cause it's not worth it to them. Hence, I have to get another one. Not a used one either. Question - to help finance it, I need to cash in some rrsps. Any ideas or suggestions out there would be extremely helpful. Thank you

Sunny said...

Hi Anonymous,

Sorry to hear about your car incident. Can't you get a loan instead of cashing your RRSP? You should give TD a call. I know their special loan for car that exist.

Another place to ask for advice would be the Canadian Business forum.

Anonymous said...

As of today, sept 29, BNS is down 6.6% from the price you sold, but the stocks you bought to replace it are down even more. SPB is down 29%, NFI.UN is down 45% and FTN (I know you have sold it) is down 60%. How's that for your ability to pick stocks. That's why they say most fund managers never beat the index, so why would amateur us with less resources be better at it.

You would've lost a lot less by keeping your big canadian bank stock like BNS instead of buying smaller caps with all kinds of problems. BNS propably didn't have as much upside (same can be said for other large canadian companies like bce, trp, etc.) but you shouldn't lose half your capital also.

I know you like to think that you're diversified, but you are heavily invested in small caps, oil, gold and silver stocks which are very volatile in down markets. On top of that, you are leveraged and have little fixed income such as bonds.

Just something to think about...


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