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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) vs Power Financial Corporation (PWF)

Yeah! It's the weekend! This week had been a long an awful one. First, I spend I don't know how many hours trying to replacing someone how was out in vacation. There's was way too much work. But just to make things worst, while replacing, I was paid at my regular wage... Yeah, I know, what a life! Anyhow, everything is back to normal, my nightmare is over.

I guess I wasn't myself this week because I had purchase 500 stocks of Sprott Inc. (SII) thinking I was going to be able to make it just in time for the Sprott Inc. (SII) special dividend of 60 cents... but no, it didn't happen that way... Of course not lol... My problem is that I wasn't aware of the 3 business day rule when purchasing stock.

From what I understand, from the time you purchase stock, it take 3 business days for the purchase to be finalize. I had notice before a certain pending state when purchasing new stock but I never pay too much attention to it. Because I didn't care. The only thing I had been caring about is purchasing stock to earn dividend and make the dividend DRIP to naturally earn new stocks, to naturally increase my dividend earning. Not more or not less.

My goal with my latest trade was to purchase 500 new stocks of Sprott Inc. (SII) in order to qualify for their 60 cents special dividend. I purchase the stocks on the 17 of January 2011. The Sprott press release advertise the date of January 19 as latest date for holding - but that being after the 3 business rule... So in result, my latest investment in Sprott Inc. (SII) did not qualify for the special dividend distribution of 60 cents... Oh no, what did I done!

Better to know about the 3 business rule sooner than later, if you see what I mean.

But you saw it for yourself with my latest portfolio update, things are going well for the Dividend Girl, despite my little trading mistake. I am now at 144 889.70$ in asset. I hold 64 218$ in debt, generating a bit more than 3 000$ in interest money. My overall dividend income is of 5 883.78$. I could had done better, there's plenty of place for improvement. But still, I am happy with what I have.

I had place a sell order at 9.60$ for the extra 500 stocks of Sprott Inc. (SII) that I currently hold because of my trading mistake. I have one of my blog reader that came with this investment that he had been holding for quite a while: Exchange Income Corporation (EIF). Thanks for sharing (D)! So here're we are:

Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) vs Power Financial Corporation (PWF)

Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) is like the Power Financial Corporation (PWF) of Derek Foster, but in better. In his latest book, The Idiot Millionaire, Derek Foster name Power Financial Corporation (PWF) as one possible investment holding. I was upset after reading such investment suggestion. See, you have to understand that Henri-Paul Rousseau, the ex CEO of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec hold a Vice-Chairman at the Power Financial Corporation (PWF).

You may ask yourself what's the controversy is all about? Why Power Financial Corporation (PWF) is not a good investment despite what Derek Foster say? I will explain all that to you.

In 2008, the recession hit hard and in 2008, Henri-Paul Rousseau was the CEO of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec. Never heard of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec? To make the explanation short, according to Wikipedia, the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec manages public pension plans in the Canadian province of Quebec.

In 2008, following the stock crash market, Henri-Paul Rousseau made the Caisse loose $8 billion of dollars. You read it right! Not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, BUT 8 BILLION! While he left the Caisse, Henri-Paul Rousseau didn't give up on his leaving bonus, which was of hundred of thousands of dollars.

Now, the same poor guy is now a Vice-Chairman at Power Financial Corporation (PWF). Does Power Financial Corporation (PWF) represent a good investment? HELL NO!

Just like Power Financial Corporation (PWF), Exchange Income Corporation (EIF), to repeat its own worlds: "invest in profitable, well-established companies with strong cash flows operating in niche markets in Canada and/or the United States and to distribute stable monthly cash dividends to its shareholders." Power Financial Corporation (PWF) dividend yield is of 4.696%. Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) offer you much more for your money. Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) dividend yield is of 7.947%.

Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) is a company base in Winnipeg. while investing in Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) , you can be sure of one thing: you won't ever suffer from Quebec bad leadership. Actually, with Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) you won't suffer from anything. You'll just enjoy a good dividend yield provided by a well manage company.

I don't hold anything related to Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) yet, but I find this company very great because its share my view on investment: invest for the long term, with no selling prospect. And even best: Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) has no interest in Manulife.

I have projects for me and Exchange Income Corporation (EIF). I am going to sell the extra 500 stocks of Sprott Inc. (SII) that I bought because of my trading mistake and instead, I am going to invest the money in some stocks of Exchange Income Corporation (EIF).

Another great idea of mine :0)


youngandthrifty said...

i had bought EIF last year and sold it earlier this year. It was one of my favourites. With such a high dividend too.

Except that it's creeping up higher and higher and the P/E is getting higher too- I think it was 18 last time I checked.

I'm planning to buy it too when it dips a bit.

Sunny said...

Hi youngandthrifty,

I never hear about this company before, but when I did, I find it very great! I am not holding Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) yet, but I will certainly very soon, I hope.

Buddy said...

Hi Sunny
I have held EIF for a long time and still do-did you notice they raised their Divy today? Also looking at your portfolio - why don't you shift investments from your margin acct. to your TFSA or have you already maxed out TFSA contributions.

Buddy is my dog.

SPBrunner said...


You have been doing well and you always have a unique way of looking at things.

Best of luck.



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