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Friday, January 14, 2011

I am now at 138 729.94$

Despite working at only one job at this time and having plenty of free time on hands, I have problem to do everything on my "To do" list. Like for example, yesterday, I really wanted to update the value of my portfolio because the TSX had won some good value yesterday... But I couldn't as I was too tired...

But I catch up today! I update my portfolio! I am now at 138 729.94$. I am quite heavily in debt, but even there, my net worth is of a bit more than 80 000$, which I consider good. My investment portfolio had marked some great points lately. I calculate my dividend income for 2011, and with what I have right now as holding, I will be earning the equivalent of 455.42$ in dividend income. For a year, this represent an amount of 5 465.04$. Even more than I could ever dream more. And since the income trusts I hold are all now fully converted into corporation, everything should just start getting better. No more tax problems.

At this point of the journey, my investment adventure is just getting even more interesting. The 5 465.04$ in projective dividend income for 2011 is quite something! The 6 000$ in dividend income is not really far away. It could come true in 2011.

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Argonaut said...

I would sell all of your mutual funds and maybe some other investments you're not too excited about, and use the proceeds to pay down your debt. The best investment you can make is to get rid of debt, it's a guaranteed return!


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