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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oprah and Suze Orman outrageous interview with Nadya Suleman

Did you see it? I didn't see it all. I am taking here about the the TV appearance of Nadya Suleman on Oprah on today, January 14, 2011.

Seem like Oprah and her friend Suze Orman decided to go down on Nadya Suleman today on Oprah TV show and I don't like that. I don't like that at all. I never been on Oprah fan. I never watch one full Oprah tV show of my life as I feel Oprah as being superficial. The best thing that she ever done in her life was to publicly support Obama. now that it had been done. Oprah is just Oprah, trying to be the TV Queen show that everyone expect her to be. But among the way, Oprah lost herself. We all had a taste of that today.

Today, Oprah shown that she had become an Amir Khadir type of person - willing to look good and nice from the outside, but very very bad from the inside. I wonder if Oprah and Suze Orman ever taught about the mental health of Nadya Suleman. During the interview, Oprah laugh at Nadya Suleman. Suze Orman was terribly rude. Like what the heck? What that lesbian say to Nadya Suleman is wrong.

Now that her 8 babies are born, everyday, Nadya Suleman has to live with the consequences of her choice. That's enough. She doesn't to get more humiliation that she already got , like for example being offer to do a p*orn movie with Vivid Entertainment. By laughing at Nadya Suleman, Oprah had show her true colors.

Nadya Suleman doctor's is responsible for all this. It's not like she did it alone. A doctor had to do this to her. I understand Nadya, for the reason why 8 embryos had been implanted in her. she had 2 miscarriage before. The third was going to be the last one and it wasn't plan to work. Her doctor has as much responsibilities in all this as herself. And I think that Suze Orman and Oprah had forgot about that part.

I find both Suze Orman and Oprah very stupid. We should pray for Nadya Suleman instead of publicly making fun of her like Oprah did in her show that been broadcast today. Oprah had lost it all. And Suze Orman, to point her fingers at Nadya... That Suze Orman so horrible, lesbian or not, she's horrible with her super white teeth. Yak.


Juanita Harris said...

I think both Oprah and Suze were being insensitive. You make a good point when you say, "I wonder if Oprah and Suze Orman ever taught about the mental health of Nadya Suleman."

The way they behaved, it is clear that they did not care about Nadya's mental health. They just wanted to pry and get the answers they were looking for. I think Nadya is being punished enough, without Oprah and Suze Orman pointing their fingers at her.

Sunny said...

Exactly! You understand clearly my point. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the full interview but I would like to watch the full interview because I wonder if in the interview, they ever discuss about Nadya finance.

I mean, the intervention was to help her. At a point, Oprah and Suze completely stress out the poor Nadya. After what, Nadya said those horrible things, being a baby addict etc. It could be true, but she was so stressed out, so yell at by Orman that Nadya began to see things she might had preferred never said.

That whole intervention was so rude and inappropriate. Nadya 8 kids will be celebrating their third anniversary in 2011. It's been THREE years now.

Why did Orman had to say all those horrible things to Nadya. Why did she scream at her? Those babies are on earth for a reason.

It was ridiculous for me to hear when Orman told Nadya to go to church. I am Christian myself, but praying at church when 14 kids are waiting for you at home is not a solution. Take actions, and real actions. Not some fake "go to church" kind of solution. When I have a problem, I go for it, I won't go to church and pray because when leaving church the situation will be the same.

The show should had exclusively focus on Nadya finance. And Nadya should had been giving some help to find a publisher for her book and other stuff. It shouldn't be a show about punishment.

I am not against lesbian, but that poor Suze is lesbian and she lost control of herself during the show. No one try to protect Nadya. She seem to be well, but she's fragile. Orman said to Nadya that everyone hate her.

This is a very dangerous sentence. It's encourage people to hate Nadya. And what an incident happen when Nadya is out with her children? Who will be responsible for it you think? It will be Suze Orman helself. She doesn't have that much of a brain that poor woman.

In all this, I think Nadya might be scare and we should pray for her instead of her going to church ;) I will pray for her and her angels.

Thank you for your comment, I like to feel that there's people out there sharing similar opinion as mine!


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