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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Using Videotron as Internet service provider?

If its the case, well than, be aware, you should stop using Videotron as a service provider. Why? Well, Videotron is just a Quebecor company and you might know Quebeckers as well as I do, they don't give a damn about anything. Here's another proof of Quebec unwillingness to be good toward others.

The Montreal Gazette had reported the story of Amber Hunter. Amber Hunter is an university student of Concordia. She studied political science. Amber work at a bar to pay up her bills. But now, Amber Hunter has more than she can afford to pay. What happen?

Amber use Videotron as a service provider. Since she studied and work at the same time, Amber need the Internet at home. Amber used a Wireless connection for her Internet. In the past couple of months, an unauthorized user has hacked Amber Hunter account. And than the problems began. Amber Hunter own Videotron 1 800$ in Internet fees.

Since Amber account had been hacked, someone has used Amber account and did a massive usage of it, leaving Amber with a bill of 1 800$.

This is the kind of situation that could happen to anyone. Amber is a student, the income she earns go for her tuition and living expenses.

In this case, Videotron claimed that Amber Hunter is responsible for the fees, despite the fact that she got hacked. The Quebec based company Videotron only credited Amber for 313$. Is that suppose to be fair?

A Videotron representative of the name of Isabelle Dessureault had declared that Videotron "don't like these kind of situations". Videotron doesn't like those kind of situation, and they are not willing to do anything else to help other than crediting a tiny 313$.

I know what it is to live in Quebec and having to deal with stupid Quebec independentist people everyday. The kind of individual you really don't want to deal with.

Videotron decision to not fully credit the hacking fees is just another example of Quebec stupidity. Just another example.

Hacking is something that exist. It's a criminal act that is being perform by individual who knows how the system work. Those criminals don't hesitate when it come to steel from individual.

Also, Videotron should credit Amber in totality because Videotron system is not well build. According to the Gazette, Videotron "has tools for users to monitor their usage but doesn't advise customers when they have exceeded their limits". Which mean that in case of hacking, the account user won't have a clue of what is going on until receiving the invoice.

If you are with Videotron, you should think about switching of service provider. A hack happen to Amber Hunter, but it could happen to anyone. It's not common, but it can happen. It's just like Interac fraud or other kind of informatics fraud. I think that Videotron should reversed the charges, all of them, not just 313$. And you, what do you think? Like wow, those Quebeckers...

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