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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Canada Revenue Agency is after me

Just when things are going so well, something have to happen. This time, the something is coming directly from Canada Revenue Agency. When I open the envelop, I freak out: I own the Canada Revenue Agency 165.88$. Reason behind: there is an extra payment that need to be made for my taxes. Those federal government jerks have really nothing better to do than reviewing my tax declaration of 2009 almost one year after it's been done and completed. Brian Mulroney can be out in the world when he had steeled million of dollars from federal taxes money but I, small investor is being ripped off! Totally being ripped off. Those people working at federal agencies shouldn't be getting any benefit or pension privilege because myself, I don't get any of those privileges but on top of that, those government idiots are sucking me to dead. I am the one who work hard for my money, I am the one who invest and create financial health with MY OWN MONEY. I am not a money sucker. I am not a cheater like Brian Mulroney.

Ok, so now, you will ask yourself, what's going on? In 2009, the total income that I declared was of 40 916$. Quite some money! But the people of the Canada Revenue Agency had revised my 2009 declaration and had decided that my total income was not of 40 916$, but of 42 195$. We are talking here of a difference of 1 279$!

According to Canada Revenue Agency, the money is coming from my dividend income received from Bell Aliant, Livingston, Energy Savings, Yellow Pages, Pembina, Enbridge Income Fund and Pengrowth. That's what they say in the letter without commenting more.

In 2009, I had gave to the accountant who did my tax declaration all of the papers received from TD Waterhouse. My tax declaration had been done correctly the first time. It's just those Ottawa morons who are messing up with my taxes. On top of that, the little jerks had charged me an interest of 5.43$ on the amount due!!!! MORONS!

I am going to write to those jerks of Canada Revenue Agency that I don't own them any money because I had declared the dividend that were on my T5 form. The jerks should had access to the information, since the T5 directly come from the Canada Revenue Agency itself!!!

I worked in Ottawa previously before and I know how selfish the federal government employees are. They don't give a damn about anything. They only care about their salaries and pension benefit. In Ottawa, a lot of are federal agents are taking free French courses. They had all of their life to learn French, they never care about the French language. Where the money is coming from to finance those French courses? FROM MY TAXES.

This is the way Canada is for French Canadians. Enough of the bullshit. I had pay my taxes in April 2010, the little idiots of Canada Revenue Agency.

If, like me, you had received such letter, you have the right to contest. The jerks even provide ways you can contest their decision... Yah.


Ron said...

How much does it cost you to get your tax done by an accountant

Sunny said...

Hi Ronaldco, it doesn't cost me that much. I had been going at the same for my taxes for the past 3 years now and it always went fine.

It's just that for 2009 declaration, I gave my paper, but I cover the name of my investment among other on the papers... So the accountant did not have any clue of what kind of investment I was holding...

It's really just a stupid mistake of mine, not from anyone else, and not from the accountant.

2009 was the year where I invest massively, it's generated quite some papers! But now I will know better.

Our Revenue Agency is too competent lol.

Paying a 160$ and something extra in taxes is not too bad, I can still manage without being in misery.

Its not anytime soon that I will have to say goodbye to my Second Cup coffees.


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