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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thank you readers, another 100$ online payout!

With the help of my generous readers, I today reach the 100$ payout for my online earnings! Actually, I even exceed it today! Yeah! Thank you readers. Being able to reach another 100$ this month is like WOW! If could make a 100$ every month, I could make 1 200$ in a year from blogging. That would be interesting as extra pocket money. Earning money online for someone like John Chow seem to be quite easy (John Chow is a Canadian (yeah!) living in BC with his wife and daughter Sally Chow, already on the Web... Mr. Chow makes thousands of dollars per month online!), but for the beginner or the regular pal with no computer, things are much more hardcore. If you are interested in making money online, I strongly suggest you John Chow blog. He offers a free ebook, very interesting. I also very like another blog, Web Career Girl. Web Career Girl is in the UK. The reading of her blog will help you understand how difficult it is to make money online, even for a very good writer as herself. Making money yes, but be ready to work. And sometime, you'll work for nothing at all. I made more money on this blog than on all of my HubPages (and I have 96 articles on HubPages!).

As for myself, I try to make money online, but I cannot say that I gave my 100% on it. But that's because of different factor: because I am French and English is more difficult for me and also, well, because a good portion of my time goes on the study of the stock market and the follow up on my investment. That request quite sometime. Also, not to forget that I work. Anyhow, making money online is more than a hobby for me than anything else. Making money online in your spare time? Why not?

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Ruth - Web Career Girl said...

Congrats on making the payout! And thanks so much for linking to me :) You're right - it does take a lot of work!

Sunny said...

Wow! The Web Career Girl is on my blog! thanks for visiting. You deserve the link. I had been following you for quite some time now.


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