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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trade commodities online: my experience with EnCana Corporation (ECA)

Today was the day I invested in Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX) for the first time through my commodity trading broker. but today was also a good day for canadian dividend paying stocks, and especially for EnCana Corporation (ECA). I initially invested 5 946.88$ in EnCana Corporation (ECA) a couple of months ago. Buying stocks of EnCana Corporation (ECA) was a good decision to make, despite the difficult times for EnCana in the past couple of months.

The trouble begins for EnCana Corporation (ECA) when the company announced the investment of millions of dollars into their own company. The major investors didn't like that, so the value of EnCana had drop significantly.

Anyhow, EnCana happen to be a good investment because my stocks of EnCana Corporation (ECA) currently worth a very awesome 6 510.39$, for a great profit of 563.51$! I do not plan to sell EnCana Corporation (ECA) anytime soon, but I am proud to say that I my investment in EnCana Corporation (ECA) is growing in value. I would like to be able to say the same thing with all of my commodity investment, but it's not the case. But I am looking forward for the best in the upcoming months with online stock investing.


Liquid Independence said...

"Probably the best positioned gas company in North America." - John Stephenson on ECA

Arunan said...

I love ECA. I bought few of them at $29.21 on mid Dec 2010. I am also planning to keep this for few months. You should consider to add some canadian REIT in your portfolio. RIO.UN, KMP, WRK.UN, and PMZ.UN. Pls do your own research before buy them.


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