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Thursday, January 27, 2011

creditsolutions for margin users, a quick view on my debt situation and new commodity investment

I made some changes to my commodity investment portfolio today. I decided to sell 100 stocks of Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS). The value of this sell was of 5 674.01$ through my online future trading brokerage. This sell allow me to extend my portfolio in other companies. I really wanted to grow my dividend earning and I did. Following the sell of 100 stocks of Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS), I trade commodities online. Here's are my latest stock acquisitions:

200 stocks of Superior Plus Corp. (SPB);
200 stocks of New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI.UN);
100 stocks of Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN).

Those companies offer a high dividend yield and all are online stock trades for under 13$ per stock. I wouldn't invest any more in those companies for now, but they are fun to hold because their dividend distribution is very generous.

With those new stock acquisitions, I am now at 6 312$ in dividend earning (excluding my RRSP dividend). All of the dividend I earn are enroll into a DRIP related to my online future trading brokerage own at TD Waterhouse securities. So as you can imagine, I am very exciting with my new comers. I probably won't invest in new companies for the upcoming months because I hold more than 60 000$ in debt and reader debt busters comments make me realize that yeah, I am getting heavier in debt and I have to be careful. I had received a good debt advice. Who knows if another stock market crash is just around the corner?

Also, regarding my recent holding in Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX), Superior Plus Corp. (SPB), New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI.UN) and Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN), I wouldn't recommend you to invest more than 100-200 stocks per those type of companies. Why? All of those companies trade below 20$ per stock. In case of another stock market crash, it could hurt badly your margin (if, like me, you hold a margin account) and/or your portfolio. And, also, never hold too much of the same company, that's the diversification rule online stock investing that I like to stick to. In order words: diversify your assets while investing in a online future trading brokerage. And as you can see in my commodity investment portfolio latest update, I like to diversify my assets in different companies, different sector. But I do not have specific allocation rules.

My way to invest is very free. While investing in stock market, I invest in whatever interest me. That's my rule. I prefer dividend payer. But one of my recent investment was an exception: Sprott Physical Silver Trust (PHS.U).

As for now, I wanted to bust my dividend income for the fun of it, because today, I didn't have better things to do than to online stock trades. But also, I have to say, reaching 6 312$ in dividend income, in an income that I can cash in if I want well, I have to say, it's something I am very happy about!

Currently, I have 64 218$ in debt. I am currently using 35% of my margin. At this point, I won't go deeper into debt, I won't use more than what I already use on my margin account. Things will remain the way they are. For tomorrow, I plan to make a payment of 1 400$ on my 8.75% line of credit. After what, I will have left 3 581.77$ to pay on the 8.75% credit line. I really need to pay off that debt completely. I will try to concentrate on the payment of this debt.

Also today I had received 150$ in dividend distribution from Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS).

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