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Monday, October 31, 2016

Getting ready to dumb my Apple Inc. shares out in the wood

What could had been a really long post is going to quickly be resume by the following: 

Its unfortunate, but my Apple Inc. stocks are not doing as good as expected and I am thinking about selling. If I do so, I will be good to run away with a cuty tiny little 45 $ profit after commission fees.


frederic said...

At what price did you buy? I sold Apple at 113.5 last week. I wasn't able to trade it successfully this year, because I thought it was dead in the water around 100$, but then it broke through and I missed that spike. We're all trying to guess the ceilling.

Today, Tuesday nov 1, the whole market is down because of the Hillary Clinton FBI email thing, so it's falling down dramatically, but AAPL was conformable floating around 113$ for a while there.

I cannot tell if it'll go back above 112$ now. When the market or APPL goes down, some will sell APPL, and other people will buy it thinking it's now a bargain. So it'll go down a bit and then back up... before finally going down continuously. Today APPL went down to 110.5$.

Apple had jumped above 114 because the Samsung Note 7 mess, but that was before the Apple earnings, which showed iPhone sales going down, and the MacBook Pro announcements didn't rekindle the stock. There is very little enthusiasm in AAPL in term of growth. It might be a good purchase during a correction, but at 105-115$ I think it's expensive for a long position, because it's up there due to rumours and speculation.

I read you also have BRK/B, berkshire hathaway. It has been doing very badly, due to the Wells Fargo scandal. Otherwise, it follows the market, so it's going to go down if the market does. It's risky because if anything happen to Buffer the stock value will disintegrate.

I had it too, but I dropped it. It's better to get an actual ETF that covers the S&P and actually pays dividend. BRK/B is a speculation stock. It's never going to get acquired or pay dividends. It's just a holding company that's never going to give to the stock holders any profit it makes. BRK/B has underperformed the S&P 500 in the last 5 year, so owning the SPY ETF would have been better.

Sunny said...

I am done with Apple stocks. I had bought at $109.77. And I sell today.

No worries for Warren, he's a Virgo guy and I strongly believe he'll be with us for a few more years.


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