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Monday, January 24, 2011

I just purchase 100 stocks of Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX)

At 14.70$ per stock...


Arunan said...

I would say it is not a good move. CFX stock will go down in coming quater. Also, Bell Aliant Regional Communitns Incm Fd (Public, TSE:BA) is having big competition. BA will go down to $22.00 in coming months.

Ramesh Rajan said...

I am avid reader of your blog. Can you tell us what made you choose CFX and what fundamentals did you look at?

Also being a long term investor short term ups and downs should not worry the dividend girl too much.

Dividend Lover said...

Hey Dividend Girl,

Remember the plan was to use the margin money to pay off some of your high interest debts like the

4 016.23$ credit line at 8.75%
10 000$ at 7.27%

go do it now before you use all the margin to buy stocks and become over leveraged.

you are close to 200K assets.
I suggest you make your next goal
lower debts say 50K. debts

25% leverage is good you don't want more leverage than that.

Sunny said...

Hello everyone! Very kind of you to stop buy. I did nothing at all this weekend (weather is very cold in Montreal). I spend all the weekend looking at my portfolio, blogging, reading etc. But I guess that I came to a point where I am trying too hard and I am the first one who will admit my mistakes without too much problem.

Arunan, I always like your comments. But I don't think that my Bell Aliant will go down to 22$. You need to know the company. Bell Aliant provide fiber optic to the Maritimes. Rogers cannot beat Bell Aliant. It's BA who provide the fastest Internet connection. As for CFX, its another story.

I REALLY taught that CFX dividend was still at 3$. I did a quick search. My reader email about CFX, among other was wrote back in 2010, before the corporation change. So this is all my fault. But I had that 1 400$ to invest available. I really wanted to invest it somewhere. I pick CFX, not a bad choice, but it doesn't pay 3$ per dividend anymore.

So Ramesh... I invest in CFX because I taught they were still paying 3$ per stock in dividend, isn't so funny, in a way... lol... I am a very good investor isn't?

Dividend Lover, you are so right! I am loosing myself. I guess I like to invest too much. And my dividend income is increasing. Very amazing times. Time had come for me to slow down. Too much debt is dangerous. I will be working at decreasing my debt a bit. It's interesting because when I open my margin account, I was soooooo scared of margin and now, well, margin is not scaring me anymore... And my level of debt is increasing increasing increasing. Just for the love of what? Of investing.

I should know better, but this is just who I am. A very chaotic investor, but it's not necessary a bad thing. Right? :0)

But I hope you all like the mountain lion story.

Anonymous said...

The dividend is still very good for canfor. it is still over 10% so it will help pay off a lot of your debt. As long as the dividends are higher than your debt payments you will always be good.

I too purchased a lot of CFX because of the high dividend. it is a good investment. Your goal should be 200k dividend girl, next goal 1 million$$$$$ and then you retire!!!!!

Sunny said...

Hello there, thanks for the kind words. I still need to be careful with debt even if I am doing fine for now. It's just the more I get, the more I want. Good night gentlemen ;)

The Divdend Ninja said...

Hi Sunny,

How are you doing? I see you are continuing to rake in your dividends nicely :)

Dividend Lover is right, use that margin to pay off your debt before you become over-leveraged. Remember 2008 was unexpected and would have resulted in many margin calls ^^

Have you considered the following: 1. Sell some of your small holdings and pay off all your debt, then 2. Pay off your margin and put your account back to a "cash account" and then 3. Be happy with 100K debt-free instead of 150K ?

Remember we never know what is around the corner of 2011, and you don't want to wake up with big surprise!

Have a nice Friday and Weekend Sunny! :) all my best

Sunny said...

Hello Dividend Ninja,

I am not looking forward to sell anything, if a margin call have to happen well, what need to happen will happen anyway. I am now satisfy with what I have as portfolio. For the next couple of months, I will use all savings that can be made to pay off some of those debts. True that I am holding quite some debt. I did some changes today in my portfolio. It's now better than ever. I even have more dividend now.


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