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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meet the Canadian stock Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX) and the mountain lion hero

Its been a quiet weekend overall. I went for a coffee yesterday evening. I had bring my laptop with me and went to my favorite cafe. But even inside, I was freezing. Sitting next to a window was not helping either. Just to say how cold it is. And even today in my apartment, I have a Honeywell machine that is most of the time on. I didn't go out today at all. I had been lucky enough not to purchase a metro pass since May 2010. Since that time, I may have purchase a ticket not more than 3 times. But now that the weather is sooooo terribly cold in Montreal, I may have to purchase a metro pass for this week. But I will see how it goes tomorrow morning. I am living downtown very next to the St-Laurent boulevard in Montreal, so I don't need to use public transportation. My workplace is at around 40 minutes of walk. At first, I taught I was not going to make it without metro pass, but I did. A monthly metro pass in Montreal is not that expensive. It's not more than 70$ if I remember correctly. But still, keeping a 70$ in my pocket is quite a huge saving.

My budget is well balance. But lately, I didn't spend too much attention on my spending. I currently reached the 500$ on my Mastercard Airline Miles. And no, I do not own a zero interest credit card. Time for me to stick back to a more frugal lifestyle, just like before. I can easily cut those expenses from 500$ to a 250$, basically by half. I know I can do it because I did it before. And I know exactly where to begin my expend cut: Second Cup. I am a Second Cup coffee addict. Everyday before going to work, I buy myself a medium Second Cup coffee. Alone, this expense cost me 45$ every month. To this, you need to add the eating out and going out...

Ok, I have the money I earn online that I can put as payment on that 500$ bill, but still, I am in need of creditsolutions. So I guess the solution or the creditsolutions for me at this time is to cut on unnecessary expenses, just like I was going before. I am back on the frugal lifestyle, despite I could continue the way I am doing without any trouble. Even for this month, I have a good extra 1 400$ I can use for online stock market investing through TD Waterhouse securities.

I am lucky, I have good readers. When I say good readers, I mean very very good readers. They are not only readers, but also investors. Yesterday, I learn about the Canadian stock Exchange Income Corporation through one of them, which I got very interested in and I probably invest in at least 100 stocks of Exchange Income Corporation very soon through my online future trading brokerage. The Toronto stock exchange quote of Exchange Income Corporation is EIF.

All this agitation is due to my trading mistake in Sprott Inc. (SII). I won't write again about it, but I will just say that my online stock investing mistake. The more you manipulate stocks via discount commodity brokers, the more you are kind to do a mistake. This include the following actions: sell stock online and purchase stocks.

The more you sell stock online and purchase stocks, the more you are at risk. To trade commodities online is not extremely difficult, but it can be tricky. In my case, what I did was that I purchased 500 stocks of Canadian stock Sprott Inc. (SII) in what I believe was in time to qualify for the special dividend of 60 cents. but unfortunately for me, I was to late in my purchase because I was not aware of the 3 business rule and in result, did not qualify for the special dividend.

So right now, I hold an extra 500 stocks of Sprott Inc. (SII) that I never really wanted to have. All I wanted was more stocks, in order to earn more from Sprott Inc. (SII) special dividend. In fact, all I wanted was to get more dividend cash from Sprott Inc. That's very all. But among the way, I burn myself. Those extra 500 stocks of Sprott Inc. appeared in my latest stock investment portfolio update. Currently, those 500 stocks alone had lost more than 300$ in value. I know, I screw up badly, but nothing is loss unless a sell is made. Remember that. So as for now, I am leaving the Canadian stock Sprott Inc. (SII) alone, I won't touch it. I had program a sell offer at 9.60$ for those 500 extra stocks of Sprott Inc. (SII). The sell order will remain active until the end of January. If it happen that Sprott Inc. (SII) stock reached or exceed the 9.60$ per stock, I will be good to make my sell. In my mistake, I had purchased 500 stocks of Sprott Inc. (SII) at 9.34$ per stock.

Conclusion: I cannot go back in time and fix that mistake, but I can hope for an increase of the Sprott Inc. title.

I roughly have around 1 400$ to invest by the end of January, despite my huge spending on my credit card.

Another reader of the Dividend Girl is living in British Columbia. While being in his sixties, he got attacked by a mountain lion. And believe it or not, that reader had killed the mountain lion using a simple pocket knife. This event happens in the years 2000s. Believe it or not, the mountain lion hero is a reader of the Dividend Girl, and also a very very good investor. My mountain lion hero was kind enough to share with me his stock investment portfolio.

Ok, so now, remember that I currently have 1 400$ available for Canadian stock trading, that this weekend had been a quiet one because of the extremely cold weather. In conclusion, I had time to review deeper the content of the stock investment portfolio of my British Columbia reader, the mountain lion hero. Many fantastic things, very good dividend payers. But among other, I decide myself on one pick that is going to blow you away: Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX).

From my point of view, Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX) seem to be a bit volatile, but I wouldn't mind investing in 100 stocks of Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX) by tomorrow in my online future trading broker. Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX) dividend yield is of 22.837%. Yes, you read it right. A dividend yield of 22.837%, which mean a 3$ in annual dividend per stock! And the stock currently trade at only 14.45$! So go for it! lol...

Canadian stock Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX) will bring in the house an annual 300$ in dividend income. Of course, just like for the other I hold, the dividend of Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX) will be registered to an automatic DRIP.

I am just very excited about Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX) 3$ dividend per stock! WOW!


Anonymous said...

You should read this before investing:

$0.35 quarterly dividend is still a 9.6% yield on CFX current price.

Sunny said...

I cannot read the article. But maybe 3$ per stock is too good to be true. And now, I don't know what to invest in anymore! :9(

Anonymous said...

Try The investor relations heading has a press release explaining the $0.35 per share quarterly.

Sunny said...

I saw it! Too badddddd. I was so excited about the 3$ per stock!! But that was before conversion. I guess I should had been more careful. I like to go quick quick quick, no matter what happen among the way. But still, I am happy with this new acquisition anyway! The annual dividend is now 1.40$ per stock. Better to be lower than too high, better for my taxes. But still yeah 3$ per stock.... WOW... But not anymore.

Anonymous said...

is canfor still offerring a dividend? on my td webbroker, it says it doesn't offer any.

Unknown said...

at present the pay out on Nov. 19 was.05 yes 5 cents. How does that relate 3.00? It shows as 1.9% not over 20% as the article reads. We all need to do our own homework before believing someone who obviously is misleading.

Anonymous said...

I live in Prince George (where CFX owns the three pulp mills.) and can say the company is finally pulling up its socks. The main issues affecting profits were mill maintenance shut downs. I bought this one after they cut the dividend and got in when they re instated it. So far the last year the company has been profiting. Im going long on this one.. cheers..


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