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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Atlantic Power Corp (ATP): a blockbuster stock

While the TMX is going through another correction (currently, the TMX is at 12 951.09 points, -146.72), a couple of my stocks are doing well. One of those holding doing better than the TMX itself is Atlantic Power Corp (ATP). But no surprise.

Ken Hartwick, who’s the President and Chief Executive Office of the super fantastic Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) is also from the Board of Directors of Atlantic Power Corp (ATP). There you go. You now know why Atlantic Power Corp (ATP) is performing so well.

I had been a long time investor of Just Energy Group Inc. (JE). If Rebecca MacDonald herself had brought in Ken Hartwick in the company she found years ago, you can be sure the man is good.

I find out about Ken Hartwick affiliation to another of my stock, Atlantic Power Corp (ATP), while reading the latest documentation in the voting package for Just Energy Group Inc. (JE). And of course, I vote in favor of Rebecca MacDonald, Ken Hartwick and all the other folks.

Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) is among my top holding. JE is rocking the place, as well as Atlantic Power Corp (ATP).

Atlantic Power Corp (ATP) currently trade at 15.14$, offer a dividend yield of 7.26% for 1.09$ in yearly dividend distribution.



Anonymous said...

Hi there Miss Sunshine
enjoy your posts
you talk of one of your better performing stocks being atp - did you just purhase this stock because i do not see any dividends you received for the year in your account !!
how much weight do you put in the dpr -- do you compare more to the earnings per share or the cash flow per share
beware bewitching friday hehehe
take care

Sunny said...


I had been holding ATP in my portfolio since May 2011. Check it out:

I am currently waiting for my first ATP dividend, which I should received in July. ATP pay a monthly dividend.

As for the last part of your question, I don't understand it. what do you mean by DPR?

At this time, my way of investing is not real in deep. I pretty much work by impression and go with reading. I leave the big heavy stuff for other at this time.


Thank you

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