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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am now at 158 528.64$

I just complete the update of my investment portfolio & debt situation. My non-registered portfolio is at a good 112 027.56$. At 39 412.90$, my RRSP is close to the 40k. I am happy with the overall 158 528.64$ in asset. I have some projects (again!) for my non-registered portfolio. I would like to reduce by half my investment hold in Sprott Inc. (SII) and Data Group Income Fund (DGI.UN) as I find the amount invested in those 2 as being too high. However, I feel comfortable having more than 10k invested in Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL) and close to 10k in Just Energy Group Inc. (JE).

As discussed previously million of times, I would like to sell at profit my holding of Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Bear Plus ETF (HZD).

I would also like to sell some stocks of Exchange Income Corporation (EIF). I am not exactly comfortable with the amount of money invested in EIF. Same thing for Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH). I would like to sell 100 stocks of it as the holding is too important at this time. I would like to see the amount decrease of 2 000$ for those 2.

Also for the future, I would like to sell at profit First Majestic Silver Corp (FR).

Still a lot of trading ahead, but it’s just to come with a better portfolio, diversified and minimize the investment risk. The goal is to build a portfolio I can rely in case of another market correction. I want to be able to skip one day or 2 of market monitoring and I want to be able to go to vacation without having to fear for my portfolio. Not that I fear now, but there’s still stuff I am currently working on. And there will be no more day trading.

EnCana Corporation (ECA) deal with PetroChina did not work out and it’s seem like investors did not appreciate it, because ECA closed the day at less than 30$. This does not bother me as I originally made my investment in EnCana Corporation (ECA) using my own cash and not margin account money. I see my holding in ECA for the long run. Despite ECA falling down to 30$, ECA is still a strong asset bringing in stability to my portfolio.

I previously have sold some stocks of Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A) and reinvested the money in Atlantic Power Corp (ATP). I am happy I proceed to this transaction because CDL.A had fall below 16$ per stock for an unknown reason. Atlantic Power Corp (ATP) is now exceeding the 15$ per stock, which is really good.

At this point, I feel important to proceed with some adjustment in order to diversify the portfolio and also protect it from crushing down in case of a correction. I was quite amazed to see that despite the market condition, I am not that far behind the 160k, which I find very good at this point.

I did not forget to comment more FR and my vote for the merger of equals. I am going to do that tomorrow. I need to get my beauty sleep for now. Because don't forget, I am the Dividend Girl AND the Beauty Queen Next Door. :00)


Anonymous said...

Would you consider writing something about other asset classes, like Real Estates? I know this is a dividend blog but something about Quebec or NB's housing market is nice.


Sunny said...

Hi Ray,

That would be a good idea, but unfortunately, I don't know anything about real estate and I don't have any interest.

A bit everywhere in Canada - included where I come from in New Brunswick, value of properties are being artificially boost for municipalities to get more tax money. Houses never get sell at the price what they are being valued by municipalities where I come from. It's a real joke.

I don't see myself paying 150 000$+ for a Montreal condo, paying condo fees, school tax, etc... when I can use the same 150k for my own benefit by getting a steady dividend income. It's all about priorities. But I will never become a slave of the system. No to property unless I win the Lotto Max or 649 :)

pattirose said...

You can buy a condo in Montreal for only 150K??

Anonymous said...

You pay taxes regardless if you rent or own. When you pay rent, your rent includes the owner's mortgage, taxes and insurance. If there taxes, water bills or utilities go up, your rent is sure to go up shortly after.

I will continue to rent as cannot afford to own especially when maitenance and upkeep will be needed.

Sunny said...

Hi Pattirose,

For 150k, I don't know. I came with 150k because I am at 158k...

Hi Anonymous,

I guess you are right. However, I could not afford having me either having my own place at this time. Too much expenses.


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