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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Horizons BetaPro NYMEX Crude Oil Bear Plus ETF (HOD) and Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Bear Plus ETF (HZD) are up again

This is the kind of things I knew because the stock market is very volatile. Horizons BetaPro NYMEX Crude Oil Bear Plus ETF (HOD) is currently at 6.18$ and Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Bear Plus ETF (HZD) at 5.94$. Both titles are gaining, but not enough for me to sell them at profit. But I have to say, I really needed something like this to happen to calm myself on day trading. I should had known better, but the temptation of making quick gain out of day trading had been too much for me to handle. But I am proud to say that I actually made money from day trading. I previously explain how I was doing day trading in a previous post.

My way of doing the day trading was more or less safe. There’s actually nothing safe when trading stocks online. But what you can actually do if, like me, your interesting at adding in your cash flow, is to invest in commodities and stock who pay dividend, who are quality holding and that you see holding for a long time.

The idea would be to invest in quality titles, like example TransCanada Corporation (TRP). Purchase some stocks and sell later when a profit could be made. But this won’t exactly be day trading because in the vast majority of cases, you probably won’t be able to sell on the same day. If possible, you sell on the same day you buy and cash in a profit and if not, well, you don’t have very much to worry about, because you have invest in a quality title. This is probably what I will be doing in the future. I won’t stupidly be running on one big day shoot deal anymore. Day trading had been fun most part of it, but when I got stock with HOD and HZD, I didn’t find the experience very fun. Most part of doing day trade burns me totally and it took all my energy out of me. I felt like a zombie, and my experience with day trading did not even last a month lol...

Anyhow, it’s been more or less of a painful experience, but when gains could be made, I was in heaven. But with the hot summer coming in (today is a beautiful day in Montreal), I may want to find time to enjoy the weather until I can. Because see, I am currently on a standby. I am waiting for my vacations to be approved. I would like the last 2 weeks of July. For a reason or another, that’s usually the time where I take my vacations. I like the last 2 weeks of July. It’s a month before my birthday too.

If my vacations got approved, I won’t be doing much that what I am doing now. But if I got refused, I will try to find a job during daytime. This could help to decrease my margin account usage. I would be working during daytime, in the evening and on the weekend for a little while. I did it before; I am the best at burning myself, but on a realistic way. As long sleep 7 hours per night, I will be all fine. If my vacations got approved, I won’t bother searching for a daytime job as it could probably be complicated to get time off at 3 places at the same time...

But sincerely, I am mostly interested at following my investment portfolio than thinking about getting another job. Currently, TMX Group Inc. (X) is at 45$ per stock! I could sell and cash in a good profit. But I really want to hold and see what’s going to happen. On June 20, 2011, shareholders of TMX like myself will vote regarding the merger of equals. So that will be interesting and I want to be in, that the deal go through or not. I will vote against the merger because I don’t want the Canadian market to rely or depend on French foreign authorities. I find Stephen Harper really weak for not interference more on this. And first of all, why the TMX Group Inc. (X) is looking to sell itself anyway? What’s going on? I am pretty sure it’s the fault of Xavier Rolet who might have bought the management team of the TMX Group Inc. (X). And now, Canadians have to deal with a lot of shit. It’s getting ugly. And I feel unsecured with the merger. For some, it’s just about a stock exchange platform getting bigger with the fusion of Toronto and London. But in reality, it’s much more than that. With the merger of equals, the Toronto Stock Exchange will have as CEO Xavier Rolet. I don’t have anything against the man, it’s just I won’t want to get any French shit. I think that’s pretty easy to understand. France has nothing to do with the economic success of Canada. That needs to be clear. Canadian interests have to stay away from France, a country who never been successful itself economically.

Europe is a financial misery. Canada should stay away from European management. That’s really all. I have the right to express myself on what I think is good or bad for my country. Because don’t rely on Stephen Harper or any other government little authorities to defend the interests of glorious Canadians.

Get out of the way Xavier Rolet!


Anonymous said...

Why would you not wait to sell HZD before buying PSLV. If you succeed in selling HZD at a profit, PSLV will be under 15$.

Sunny said...

Hi there,

I sell HZD as soon as I could to get a profit out of money. I am currently too fat on my margin usage. I should never started day trading. But I learned from it.

As for PSLV, I invested in it again shortly after seeing Eric Sprott latest interview on TV a little while ago. Yeah, I know. It's all it took me. Millionaire, good investor AND handsome. Seeing Sprott on TV was all it took me to invest again in PSLV.


Anonymous said...

I know, but don't you see the contradiction. #1, you say you will sell HZD as soon as you can get a profit. But the only way to get a profit is for silver to go down. And on the other hand, you buy more silver investments. So why not wait till silver goes down to buy your silver investments.

Sunny said...

You know... that Sprott is handsome? LOL

Of cours,e this was to laugh, but still, seeing Sprott defending silver on TV definitively gave me a silver buzz. All he said was so intelligent, all so well said, it's just make sense to invest more in PSLV.

Your observation is very, how can I say? Square?

If you follow actively the market, you'll see that turnaround and market corrections are quite often.

I invest in PSLV, on a second round, when the stocks where at somewhere 16$ per unit. A good deal. I am a Sprott investor. I have invested in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund, in Sprott Inc. (SII) and both PHS.U and PSLV. The investments I made in Sprott products are for the long term. Adding more PSLV was too benefit of a good exchange for my Canadian dollars and it was to add up to my Sprott stuff, following the wonderful Sprott speech.

I was investing in HZD using margin money. As soon as I was able to, I sell my holding in HZD ASAP, making a good profit. HZD, just like HOD and HZU are day trading stuff. They are part of a stock experimentation.

There's an in deep inside logic in everything that I do. It's just it cannot be catch at first sight.

Funny said...

Come on Anonymous ... you have to admit she has a good plan. It's brilliant. There's no reason for stocks to go up or down (they just do!) so you might as well just buy a bunch of stocks and wait until you can sell them for a profit. Again it's brillant.

Sunny said...

Well, brilliant, maybe not exactly, but the plan work for me.

If I wouldn't started the day trade I wouldn't have know about FR. In a way, trading more is good, and in another side, not that much but it had bring some profit in, so overall, it's been ok. But I won't trade again until HOD and the other one is sell. As for FR, i hope to sell at 25$, but I may be set the goal a bit too high but we'll see how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Sunny, I remember when your followers where suggesting margin account and you wanted to stay away from it. You have to be very careful with margin. If you want to pay off some margin, think about selling HZD along with another of your silver holding. Why, because you`re not making any money on it, what you win on one, you lose on the other, so why not sell some of each.

I understand markets are volatile, but if silver does go down (which would make HZD go up), you would be losing on the gain you would`ve made on HZD, but you could buy some silver shares cheaper than today`s price. If silver goes up, you will lose money on the silver shares you sold, but you would be saving the money that you would be losing on your HZD. (Ex. if you would`ve sold HZD and PSLV yesterday, today you would`ve lost the gained from HZD, but you also wouldn`t had lost money on PSLV, so really you weren`t losing anything)

So why not sell some Pslv and HZD; and if ever HZD does reach 8$, you will be able to rebuy PSLV at around 14.50. If it doesn`t you would stop losing money on HZD and cancelling your gains on other silver investments.

Sunny, this is the last time I will bug you with this, but think about it. This is a solution to get out of your trade, pay off some margin and you`re not losing any money.

I`ve told you before, when you`re betting for silver and against silver, it`s like going to Las Vegas and betting 2,500 on Vancouver winning the stanley cup and 2,500 on Boston winning. At the end, you won`t make any money but you will be paying interest on the money borrowed. I think you`ve noticed that in the last month.

Anonymous said...

Sunny, maybe you should write a book on your investment, it just might be crazy enough to be a top seller...

Now when you say day trading brought some profit in, do you take into consideration the loss you have accumulated on your day trade that you haven`t closed yet.

If you have one day trade that brought in 50$ and 5 other losing trade that`s not closed that lost 700$, would you say that that you brought profit in.


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