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Monday, June 13, 2011

Quebec singer Paul Piché is an enemy of the Canadian nation

I had problem to wake up this morning as it was the Francopholies and the weekend of the Grand Prix in Montreal. It was fun, at the exception of the show of Paul Piché. For his last song, Paul Piché decided to show off his love for Quebec nation by singing “un Québec souverain”, which mean for a Quebec as a nation. What the F***! Francopholies had some financial difficulties and I hope Canada will cut all subventions to the Montreal event. A real shame for the French New Brunswicker girl that I am. I am a New Brunswicker, not a Quebecker. Readers have to understand that. I am not a cheater like those Quebeckers. I am the real deal, not an enemy of the Canadian nation.

This demonstration of Paul Piché is really unfortunate. Paul Piché, among with Claude Dubois, has one of the most beautiful voice of Quebec. Paul Piché is a real talented French Quebec singer. But his Quebec patriotism demonstration at the really end of his show was disgusting. In the beginning of the show, I even saw Eric Lapointe in the backstage! He was laughing and seems to be quite happy to be there. It was the second time I was seeing Eric Lapointe. First time was in the early beginning of his career, while I was still a teenager and he was still unknown, he did a show in my little hometown in New Brunswick. Last night, I was right in front of the stage, despite I arrived pass 9pm, because I was working. If I will have known I will have to endure such humiliation, I wouldn’t go to the Francopholies yesterday. Anyhow, I won’t go to any other show of the Francopholies. That’s really all. And one day, I will escape from Quebec province forever.


Anonymous said...

What would French New Brunswick do without Québec?

Think about it. Maybe that's why you are so afraid of Quebec's nationalism.

I am sure an Independant Quebec would be working closely with les Acadiens.

Embrace it. But if you want to leave it. « Don't look back, it's all right », as would say Dylan.

High on Dividends said...

Too many photos, and not very good......

your words are better!


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