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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Interesting development for Blue Note Mining Inc. (BNT)

I had been a shareholder of Blue Note Mining Inc. (BNT) for quite sometimes, maybe 2 years now. I first invested in Blue Note Mining Inc. (BNT) because of the company activities in the best Canadian province, New Brunswick! New Brunswick is full of possibilities in term of mining and it’s too bad that the northern part of New Brunswick has to rely on a Quebec company to develop its full potential. Mining development in the area of Bathurst had been extremely slow. Blue Note does not seem to have the leadership it takes to drive New Brunswick to the top of the mining industry. Overall, Blue Note Mining Inc. (BNT) activities in New Brunswick had been a major deception.

My initial 689$ investment in Blue Note Mining Inc. (BNT) currently worth 32$. I am still holding on date of today for different reasons. I know for sure that New Brunswick has good mining possibilities. Also, Blue Note Mining Inc. (BNT) is working in development near Val-D’Or – an area well known for its mines of gold, among other. I think there might be good potential there, but profit won’t come overnight. Just like it’s been the case with DNI.

Blue Note Mining Inc. (BNT) recently name Stephane Dubois as Vice President, Operations. We’ll have to see if Dubois can deliver or not. Blue Note Mining Inc. (BNT) has its headquarters in Montreal. That is not of any help. The headquarters should be either in New Brunswick or in Val-D’Or area, at least in a place where the management team can focus more on their job and be more efficient.

This being said, Blue Note Mining Inc. (BNT) has problem to go back on track, but I am holding it knowing the mining possibilities of New Brunswick. It’s the only reason.

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