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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Xavier Rolet, it’s now your turn of glory, please show it all to those poor Quebeckers, you are going to win the merger of equals, I am voting for you, I love you now

Sweet... I made of Xavier Rolet my newest financial guru. It's something he should be very proud of. My gurus, I write about them, I defend them, protect them and I love them. :0)

Tomorrow – or should I say today – is going to be a busy day for Xavier Rolet. Today, among with his colleague Thomas A. Kloet of the Toronto Stock Exchange, Xavier Rolet, CEO of the London Stock Exchange, is going to defend his merger of equals project in front of the Chambre de commerce du Montréal métropolitain. Please, Xavier Rolet SHOW IT ALL and win your merger of equals. GO FOR IT.

Funny thing in the story is that Montreal believes it should take an active part in the merger of equals. TMX Group Inc. (X) has activities in Montreal. Montreal office only takes care of derivative products, the kind of stuff that the real players don’t give a damn about and that are not really important when we talk about the Toronto Stock Exchange. Here in Montreal, incompetent Quebeckers fear for their jobs. Fact is, Montreal believe and think of itself as being an important financial center in Canada. What a joke!

Premier Jean Charest is now supporting the Maple Group Acquisition Corp. The reason behind his support? Preserve jobs. It’s not about keeping the stock exchange in Canadian hands. The Quebec pig that is Jean Charest supported the Maple Group for his own little interests. To preserved the job of other Quebec pigs. The hypocrite!

I went through many experiences in Montreal and I can assure you to all Canadians who are reading this post right now that Montreal is not a serious financial centre in Canada. Among the way, while building my investment portfolio, I met different people working in the banking services, all here in Montreal and I went through hell. I had been fired from BMO Bank of Montreal, Montreal call centre and my laid off was very unfair. I was still under my learning process; I had been fired within the matter of a few weeks. I had everything required, it’s just following a credit check and after opening a broker account with BMO InvestorLine, I was just too much for them. I wrote about that experience many times in the past, you can search BMO Bank of Montreal in the search engine.

Also, remember Henri-Paul Rousseau, ex CEO of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec. While being CEO, Rousseau had been responsible for the lost of millions of dollars. He never has to spend time in prison for what he did. Why? Because Quebec is a society that accept cheating and lies. See Brian Mulroney who accepted more than 300k in payment for promoting Airbus while he was still the Prime Minister of this country. Who is Brian Mulroney? A F Quebeckers. Brian Mulroney should be in prison but he’s not. Why? Because Quebec society accept the fact that some people responsible for the well being of other can cheat, make money like PIGS, but don’t worry, here in Quebec, the society accept that.

Never forget: Quebeckers are cheaters and Quebec society reflects the people of its very own nation.

Never deal with Quebec, never trust them. You really need to read the different experiences I went through, here in Quebec province, with different financial planners and so on to understand all this. In other words: you need to read this blog to assure your very own financial success! Stay away from Quebec province!

Never forget who Quebeckers are: the enemies of the Canadian nation. The merger of equals? I am voting for it, now more than ever. Go and do your thing Xavier Rolet. Save the Canadian stock exchange from Quebec mediocrity. BACK OFF QUEBECKERS. Let Canada be at its best, for once.

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