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Friday, June 10, 2011

High quality investment is the key, keep following Derek Foster

Finally, New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI.UN) closed today session at -5.90%, which is better than the 10% anticipated. I am still holding NFI.UN as well as everything else in my portfolio. I was happy to see First Majestic Silver Corp (FR) going up again. For a little while, FR was around 17$ per stock again and I taught oh no... I can handle the market volatility, but I prefer when things go my way. I cannot command the stock market, but at least, at the end, I know I can get what I want. First Majestic Silver Corp (FR) closed June 9, 2011 session at 18.21$. Not bad at all. I plan to hold this one until I can sell at a very high price.

My silver investment went up again. My Sprott silver investment is absolutely terrific. Both Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U) and Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV) are doing great. My investment in the Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U) in inside my TFSA. I had invested in some units when the price was at something like 15$. So as long PHS.U do not go below 15$, I will be all good. 

As for my investment in Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV), I had made my first investment in it when the unit’s price was at its highest, 22$ US. I invest again in Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV) when the units were just a bit more than 16$. So now, a mix of units at 22$ and 16$ equilibrate the whole thing and I don’t regret my last investment in PSLV. It’s actually pretty cool to see my investment growing like that. Silver will gain value again, but at a much slower pace as before.

I had been thinking about it and I find that selling my stocks of Yellow Media Inc. (YLO) was the right thing to do. I reinvested the money in a highly profitable company: Exchange Income Corporation (EIF). Just like YLO, EIF paid a monthly dividend and its chance to grow is better than what it is for YLO. I had been happy with YLO for a while but at a point, YLO was no longer a good fit. A similar situation happens to me with Superior Plus Corp. (SPB). At a point, I could no longer stand the investment in my portfolio. What I had learned from the experience is something I will try to improve myself on: focus on quality holding instead of dividend yield.

Quality holding will grow in value over time and on top of that, quality holding increase their dividend overtime. Despite reading Derek Foster books over and over again, as well as his newsletters, I really needed to experience all this by myself and wake up. Problem being that following Derek Foster strategy is just too easy. The stocks had been picked, everything had been explained. Very very well explains. So there’s no doubt and no failure possible. But that’s it? I mean come on! Well, dividend investment is very easy and keeping it simple is what can become difficult for the long run.

In my case, I did not fail, not yet. It’s just I have a taste for adventure. When your First Majestic Silver Corp (FR) stocks will be kicking the 25$, you’ll thanks me. When you’ll be selling TMX Group Inc. (X) at more than 45$, you’ll thanks me even more. Making money online is difficult, but making money on the stock market can be quite easy and losing money on bad investment like Yellow Media Inc. (YLO) is even easier.

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