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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I did it, I sell my units of Horizons BetaPro NYMEX Crude Oil Bear Plus ETF (HOD) at 6.85$!

Ok, so this is quite exciting! I had a lot of things to do today and I wanted to write about my discomfort and my frustration about Jean Charest joining the Maple Group. Really frustrated. So early this morning I wash dishes, clean up, took a shower and run to the Jean-Paul Gaultier at La Baie. I swear, I was there at 2:04pm and Gauthier was gone! WOW. Anyhow, that’s ok. If you would tell me that Jean-François Tardif was going to be at Montreal La Baie between 12 and 2pm, I would have made sure to be there. But see, my interest in fashion and gay man is very little.... LOL!

BUT... I SAW RICK GENEST! He was in a rush, but I had time to see him snack a pic with a girl, and then he picked a box, I scream Rick! Rick! but he had the box in his hands and I think that our Rico had to leave in a rush... FUN! I am about 5’8 and Rick is a bit shorter than me. Maybe 5’6-5’7. And his tattoos are REAL.

This event was very fashion. At 2:04pm... Everyone gone! CRAZY....

But I have one of those good news! May God bless Rick Genest because while I was at the event, my sell of HOD went through! I had set myself a sell order at 6.85$ and the sell went through!!! I officially sell my 100 units of Horizons BetaPro NYMEX Crude Oil Bear Plus ETF (HOD) at 6.85$! WOW! The only thing that remain now that I want to get rid of are my units of HZD. For a little while, I taught I will have been stuck with HOD forever.

WOW! I am so happy right now!

I hope Xavier Rolet has as much fun as me today in Montreal.


High on Dividends said...

But I thought you like gay Quebec sailors...

You need a cat.

pattirose said...

Congratulations on getting rid of HOD and at a profit! Now you just have one more to go and I'm sure you will also sell that at a profit.

Sunny said...

Thanks Pattirose!

It was such a huge release!

I could simply not believe it! The sell happen when I wass on my way to see Gauthier. It was very smart of me to set out that automatic sell order.

Now, HZD is next. With the stock market deteriorating, I may have my chance to sell at profit.

Anonymous said...

how much of a profit was that?

pattirose said...

I have total faith that you will, you are very tenacious!

Sunny said...

Back on May 11, 2011, I had invested in 100 units of HOD at 6.65$, 674.99$ worth of investment after the 9.99$ commission fee. The objective was to sell on the same day, but the market moved too quickly and I was only able to sell today my holding in HOD. I sell at 6.85$ the 100 units. So overall, I did not make any money on this one. But I glade I sell today because I really wanted to decrease my margin account usage.

Day trading had been a fun for the time it last, but I had been stuck with HOD and HZD for a little while. I want the money left available on the margin to be of at least 20 0000$. In those past days, I saw the value going under 19 000$. Pretty scary, because if it goes very low, I could be the object of a margin call or even worst, my broker could sell part of my asset to cover up.

I learn my lesson. No more gambling for me. I am not rich enough to play my money like that with day trading.

Selling HOD today had been a release because I had waited for this to happen for more than a month now!

But you know what, this happen today because today I saw Rick Genest life in front of me. :0)))

Now, I need to sell HZD. I am getting tired of this one.

Anonymous said...

I hope you realize that after you factor in interest on the HOD trade you actually lost money:

100 x 6.65 + 9.99 = 674.99

674.99 x .0425 = 28.687

28.687 / 365 * 40 days held = $3.14 interest

(assuming TDWH uses 365 days, many brokerages use 360)

Subtract this from big 2 cent capital gain and you have a 3.12 loss.

Do you have 400 HZD shares? If so you are approaching $15 interest on that trade.

Sunny said...

Oh yes, I realize that. I use my margin money for this specific trade. The sell order go through when I was away.. I could had sell higher and cover the interest, but that's life. I just can do that much. I began day trade at a time where I had a lot of free time in my hands and its something I wanted to try. I try it, and I will never do it again. If to learn I had that to pay interest on the money, well, good to me. I needed to go through this to understand that it's better to be an "investor" buy and hold, rather than trying to make small profit from day trading. But also, previous profit made with day trading will help to cover the interest for my last 2 HOD and HZD. It's not a desperate situation, it's a learning process. Better doing this BEFORE my 31th birthday, which is in August BTW. :0)


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