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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Canadian exchange is the best: back on track following positive data for China, welcome back, 13 000+ points!

I really taught that the TXS was going to lose another one hundred points if not more today and that I was going to sell at profit HOD and HZD... But none of those things have happen yet today! And its way better this way. It’s very awful to be in front on of a situation that is out of control, seeing another correction live in front of my laptop is something pretty awful to see. When I saw that the TSX was gaining points today, I went back to bed and I just wake up now. I was totally exhausted. Staying in control in front of a TSX losing more than points what I ever wanted, well, that was quite a burn out. I should know how to handle those kinds of situation better but also, remember that I am not from the stop working club. I work at 2 jobs ok?

Following the TSX, trying to sell at profit HOD and HZD well, it’s not exactly easy to handle. Especially knowing that today was supposed to be the day. Well, I had read a French chronic of Richard Dufour in La Presse Affaires and according to that, the situation seem to be quite alarmist. But in all this, I guess investors focus more on China and for Greek well, I told you that yesterday, always remember: the stock market has a short memory. The catastrophic situation of Greek is no longer in investor mind, until next time it will be mention by an analyst. Until that time, we’ll be safe. That’s how it seems to be working.

So far, my non-registered portfolio is at 112 529.13$, a gain of 1 687.13$ compare to yesterday. I rock the stock market baby! This is good, because it will probably bring up the part of my margin that is not use back to 20 000$... OUF! My portfolio is strong but it will never beat the index. If the TSX crash, I crash too, not to say I will get kill lol. In a way, a stock market in deep correction is a good test for the nerves. Never sell in time of desperation. The stock market is there to remain despite the situation in Japan and Greek. Those were good things to go through at an early stage of my investment life. A good test for the nerves yes, but my nerves are exhausted.

The stock market is just like God: just like God, the stock market will never let you down. At least not for long. lol... No one can beat God, no one can beat the stock market. Except for this one, Jean-François Tardif. And guess what, I have the exclusivity on the man. Google “Jean-François Tardif” and you may see something quite familiar on the first page results (the 5th result). :0) What will you see? ME. lol... Isn’t funny?

Always remember who you are: a small investor willing to make money on the merger of equals. And the market will never let you down. At least not for very long..

Sunny day in Montreal going out and leaving the stock market behind. Now you know that I know that I rock :))))))

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