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Monday, June 6, 2011

HOD is going up, and all the other... down

Today is really not a good day for the stock market, despite the beautiful weather in Montreal. But the weather really has nothing to do with it anyhow... I was expecting a bad market condition, but still, when hitting on a bad stock market, it’s always hard. HZD is down, HOD had gain around 2%, and is currently staying at 6.30$. That’s good, but it’s still far behind from my original 6.65$. Oh, and guess what? DNI IS DOWN!!! My DNI Metals (DNI) is down of 19%....???

However, DNI still at a good 0.27 cents. Do I regret not selling DNI when I could had sell it at 40 cents and bring in more than 400$ in profit? Yeah... just a little bit. Just to make things worse, I wake up late, I did not prepare my lunch for the week, I did not clean, did not wrote anything new on HubPages for centuries. I am so lazy. :0)

My new blog have that cool title Beauty Queen Next Door and the domain address is Isn’t nice? I am going now outside, my life is misery. DNI Metals Inc. (DNI) is down of 19%. Talk about a market plunge, my marvelous DNI. I love you.


High on Dividends said...

rule #1: Never fall in love with a stock......

Sunny said...


High on Dividends said...

Rule #2: Never forget rule #1!


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