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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is that it? DNI Metals. Inc. (DNI) to start an important nickel production in 2015... or not?

Robert Gibbens, a freelancer for the Montreal Gazette had reported some terrific news for our DNI Metals. Inc. (DNI)... In an article title Dumont nickel project slated for 2015 startup posted on June 7, 2011, Gibbens provides a good overview of what the upcoming months will be for DNI Metals. Inc. (DNI).

During last week, for the moment DNI Metals. Inc. (DNI) reached the 40 cents per stock, I regret not selling. I had to say goodbye to a 400$ profit. I didn’t know at that time, but I now know. I did not sell my investment hold in DNI Metals. Inc. (DNI) because Dumont nickel has an important project on its way, somewhere in the northeast of Rouyn-Noranda. You must read the article. Interesting, but however, it’s not exactly clear if the project is related to DNI Metals. Inc. (DNI). In the article, Gibbens never used the exact and full company name of DNI Metals. Inc. (DNI). So when it come to that “Dumont nickel” name in his article, it’s not 100% sure that the article concern DNI Metals. Inc. (DNI). But it’s probably is... or not?

Royal Nickel Corp. (RNX) and DNI Metals. Inc. (DNI)?

Also, I don’t quite understand the relation between Royal Nickel Corp. (RNX) and DNI Metals. Inc. (DNI). The Globe and Mail also report on Royal Nickel Corp. (RNX). In the article, the Globe mentions Dumont nickel as well, but never DNI Metals. Inc. (DNI)... this is quite confusing because before, DNI company name was Dumont Nickel Inc. (DNI)...

Very very confusing! In their Web site, DNI Metals. Inc. (DNI) only name one property located in Quebec province: their Louvicourt Property. Louvicourt is involved in diamond and DNI doesn’t seem to be very involved in it, meaning nothing new had emerged recently from this project.

After reading and reading again all of the articles above, I came to the conclusion that DNI Metals. Inc. (DNI) is probably not involved in any Royal Nickel Corp. (RNX) project after all. I know, confusing.


Arunan said...

I hope you remember the comment that I made when DNI hit around $0.37. I advised to sell half, so that you can be happy if the stock goes any direction. Get more profit if it goes up, or buy more stock if it goes down. I hope you might have realized this.

Sunny said...

Yes Arunan, I got the idea. Sure it was tempting to sell and cash in the profit, but more than money, I am curious to see what the future will be for DNI. A part of me is a gambler, I want to hold and cash in much more than just 400$ in profit with DNI. What we live in the past couple days is just an introduction to something more substancial. That's why I did not sell DNI, on top of the love.

Anonymous said...

DNI could go to over $1, maybe it may take a few months, and once the mine is built, it can go much higher.

Sunny said...

According to a reader info:

"The nickel-platinum deposit in question is 14 miles west of
Amos, Quebec, not that far from Val d' Or, Quebec. At the time, Dumont was farming out the property to Timmins Nickel. In 1996, Royal Nickel acquired the property. I'm not sure how DNI ended up losing it. Anyway, Anonymous shouldn't hold his breath waiting for DNI to open
it since they don't even own it."

Interesting isn't?

Sunny said...

Oups, little mistake.

Royal Nickel acquired 100% ownership
of the Dumont Nickel Property in 2006, not 1996.


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